Monday, 16 March 2015

Review ~ Starting Over (Starting Over #1) by Evan Grace

Starting Over (Starting Over, #1)ebook borrowed via Kindle Unlimited.

Release Date: January 25th 2014

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Bellamy Carmichael’s finally come home after staying away for six years. There’s just one problem, Luke Carter… 

Six years ago she seduced him, but a realization had him turning his back on her and became the cause of her long exodus. But with her brother’s imminent deployment Bellamy knows she’s bound to see him. 

Luke Carter made the mistake of crossing a line he never should’ve crossed six years ago… 

He knows he’s the reason why Bellamy avoids home, and with her coming back home he’s hoping to make things right. He just wasn’t expecting her to look so damn beautiful. 

However, there’s one more problem, Bellamy’s been keeping a secret from Luke for past six years. When passion builds between them she knows that she must tell Luke the truth, but will it bring them closer together? 

Or will it drive them apart for good?

My Opinion

It was the fourth book in this series that caught my eye so I decided to finish my Kindle Unlimited trial by borrowing the whole series.

I didn't really know what to expect from this book, but the story was interesting and that's what kept me engaged. I liked the strength of the characters and how Bellamy's family looked out for her. They had a strong bond and it came through in the situations. Similarly despite Bell's past, her family stuck by her. She was surrounded by people who loved her and for that you respected her family. Bellamy never felt alone even though she carried a secret from Luke.

I will admit that I did struggle with the writing in this book a bit, though. I did find myself skimming sections because the conversations and actions felt contrived and stilted. Sometimes it felt they didn't add a lot to the story and slowed the book down. Similarly, sentences needed varying. There was a lot of repetition of beginning with a character's name or a pronoun. It just made it very dry to read.

As well as this, whilst I enjoyed the danger and threat, I didn't really understand the motives. The reasons behind everything weren't that clear but it was still interesting to follow.

Overall, whilst I did find myself skimming because of the writing, the story was enough to keep me interested. The characters were engaging and therefore I'll be continuing the series.


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