Book Spotlights

A Guilty Mind - Kellie Larsen Murphey
The Ancient Kings Series - V. J. O Gardner
Alice Rose - Caitriona Leslie
The Angelites - Richard Moran
Arabelle's Shadow - Fleur Gaskin
Alligators and Crocodiles - J. M. Garlock
The Boon: The Boon: Thoughts of a Schizophrenic in Remission - Eugene Uttley
The Black Conspiracy - Ken Magee
Behind the Wheel - N. Peligeiro
Be'askaas - Nicholas Kerkhoff
Broken (The Siren Series, #1) by L.A. Griffiths
The Breath of Aoles (Ardalia #1) by Alan Spade
Black Monastery by William Stacey
The Chronicles of The Dragon Sisters - Peter A. J. Qutrine
Catch of the Season - Vicki M. Taylor
Crimson & Cream - C.M Skiera
The Caveman Formula - Linda Gross
Crumble - Victor Penro
The Centurion Chronicles - J.M Garlock
Cheif Complaint - John Kerastas
Concealed in the Shadows - Gabrielle Arrowsmith
The Contaminants - Devin K. Smyth
Capitol Hell - Alicia M. Long & Jayne J. Jones
The Child of Denys - Nicole Gillette
Death in the Glades - J. M. Garlock
Dark Tidings - Ken Magee
Domus Inter - Sarah Carter
Darkness Emraced - Sarri Morin
The Disillusioned - D.J Williams
The Devil You Know - Adrian W. Lilly
A Departure - Tom Ward
Divine Vices (Divine Vices #1) by Melissa Parkin
Djinn (Djinn #1) by Laura Catherine
Death of a Socialite - Isabel Saenz
DEJA VU - D.J Starling


Elementris (The Vangeretta Curse series) - Christina Mobely
Ellie Campbell Books
Forever Until We Meet - Vicki M. Taylor
Folsom on Fire - Orlando Smart-Powell
Forbidden Plantation Passion - Victoria Night
Four's a Crowd - Maria Bradley
Forever Yound Irina - Gerald Simpkins
Firestorm: Descent - Alan Porter
The Forever Saga: Flash by Sean C. Sousa
Fishing for Light by Nathaniel Sewell
Good Intentions - Vicki M. Taylor
Gunnedah Hero - Clancy Tucker
Given Moments - Marie Duquette & Tracy Lawson
Generation Z, Birth of the Zompire - Bill Rockwell
Gabriella - Alan Hardy
Goodbye Tchaikovsky - Michael Thal
Guilt Trip by Maggy Farrell
Hot For Winter - Trinity Blacio
Hidden (Hidden Series) - M. Lathan
Her Story - Delaina M. Waldron
Healer's Touch - Deb E. Howell
Horror Stories - Alan Toner
The Hands of Time - Irina Shapiro
Hunting With Lawn Darts - Geoffrey McKeel
Human by Milan Bakrania
The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx - Linda A.
Horse Country – A World of Horses by Christine Meunier
Irina's Eye - H.W. Freedman
In Night's Shadow - Steve Smy
The Infinity Bridge - Ross M. Kitson
Inshallah - Sybil Powell
Imago by Jack Reyn
The Japanese Dance - Kevin Chapman
Jesus Was a Time Traveller - D.J Gelner
Just Evil - Vickie McKeehan
Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter - Mary Twomey
Jesse James and the Dragon's Egg - W. Edward Woodward III
Khantara: Volume 1 - Michelle Franklin
Lime - Melda Beaty
The Last Prospector - Cairn Rodrigues
The Lambsridge Wolves - Chrissie Parkes
Legends of Leone: The Crystal Ordeal by M. G. Dekle
The Lush Long Hair Care Guide by Allison Tyson
March Madness - Vicki M. Taylor
Murder in Death's Door County - Elizabeth Rose
My Journey to Heaven and Back - Rebecca D. Meyers
Meet Me in the Dark - Lilly M. Love
The Metamorphosis of Elissa Brown - R. Lawrance
Makai Queen - Tara Fairfield
Marcuria's End by Joshua Steelman
Not Without Anna - Vicki M. Taylor
Not Quite Forever (Not Quite #4) by Catherine Bybee
Out for Justice - Vicki M. Taylor
Once Upon a Set of Wheels: Part 1 Baby Driver - L.M Steel
Once Upon a Set of Wheels: Part 2 Take it to the Limit - L.M Steel
Once Lost, Forever Found by Nina Slack
Our Love Could Light The World - Anne Leigh Parrish
Origin of the Sphinx (Sphinx #1) - Raye Wanger
Promise Cove - Vickie McKeehan
Prince of Mulberry: Butcher Boys & Gold Digger Girls - John Martello
Pressed Pennies by Steven Manchester
Penumbra - Kat Micari
The Prince and the Singularity ­- A Circular Tale - Pedro Barrento
REFLECTION - Kim Cresswell
Rani of Rampur - Suneeta Misra
The Rebel's Promise - Jane Godman
Run For Your Life - Diane Wilkie
Reset by C. A. St James
Redeemer's Oath by John Burkhart
Rendezvous with Hymera - Melinda De Ross
Shadows of the Past - Carmen Stefanescu
Shymers - Jen Naumann
Southern Adventures - Tracy Kauffman
Sapphire Eyes: The Secret Society of Magical Medics 1 - Rebekah Honeycutt
Sing For Me - Penelope Reece
The Saga Of Spheres - Mary Twomey
Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission - Mary Louise Davie
The Scent of a Soul - Jennifer Thompson
Scott Spotson Books
Salem's Vengeance (Vengeance Trilogy, #1) by Aaron Galvin
Sanctuary 12 (Fallen Gods Saga) by T.W. Malpass
Summer Demons (Seasons of Change #1) by Mia Hoddell
Saved by the Spell (Anna Wolfe #2) by Casey Keen
Stay a While in Ruby Lake by Sherrill Willis
Softly Say Goodbye - KC Sprayberry
The Survivors - Daniel Harvell
Trust in the Wind - Vicki M. Taylor
Thunderstorm: A Daughters of Eden Novel: 1 - J. M  Schroder
Through the Portal by Justin Dennis
Till Death and Beyond (Witch World book 1) by Lyn C. Johanson
Under the Orange Moon - Adrienne Frances
The Unraveling (Sage Seed Chronicles #3) - Holly Barbo
Unabridged by Melinda De Ross
Viviana - Georg Freese
Vagabond Boy - Joel Everett Harding
Wetion - James Allan Krause
 Wizards, Woods and Gods: Tale of Integration -  F. T McKinstry
Welcome to Deep Cove (Vellian Mysteries Book 1) by Grant T. Reed
Walls of Stone (Grey Spaces, #1) by Jason McAnelly
Yuletide Passion - Trinity Blacio

Tour Stops (excluding review stops)

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Cover Reveal  ~ Going Under by S. Walden

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