About Me

Hi everyone, thanks for checking out Lost to Books!

I assume that if you're looking at this page you want to find out something about me.

My name is Sienna and I live in the UK, so on boring rainy days (and believe me there are a lot of rainy days here) I love curling up with good books. I'm not sure how, but I still manage to fit reading in around my own writing and love helping out self-published/indie authors because I am one.

I  have a huge collection of books--my tbr pile never seems to shrink either--and I keep struggling to find places to store them all (I am not allowed to turn the spare room into a library much to my disappointment) . My family constantly tease me about how they never see me or I ignore them when I order a load of new books, but oh well, I love the way books let you escape reality for awhile.

A few other quick and random things about me as I don't want to write an essay on myself:
  • I love cats
  • I have a fear of heights
  • I get scared easily due to an over-active imagination
  • I love all the food I shouldn't
  • I studied Drama, English Language, and Domestic History
  • I can act but public speaking scares the hell out of me
  • Strangers would say I'm quiet, friends would say I moan a lot, and my family would say I'm too loud. I would say I only talk to people I am interested in talking to, I moan a little, and I have a younger brother that is normally the cause of my loudness.
  • I have never read Harry Potter and don't intend to
  • I'm love anything romantic or paranormal
  • I love cheesy rom-coms (guilty pleasure)
  • Favourite movie is Moulin Rouge
  • I have too many books to choose a favourite and although I re-read a few I would prefer to read something new any day.
  • I don't understand sad films and why I should have to pay for something to make me cry, laughing is so much better! I do like books that tug at the heartstrings though.
  • I love Michael Mcintyre's comedy.
  • I want to travel and go to as many hot countries as possible
and if you want to know more than that you're too nosy :-) Nah, I'm just kidding but seriously, you're not getting any more information about me ...

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