Review Policy

I'm still considering all books sent to me so email me like normal, but I'm being very selective about what I accept right now. 

As of 29/11/14: I will no longer reply to emails that don't follow this policy. If you ignore me here, I'll ignore you. Yes that sounds harsh, but I get nearly 70 requests a day. I'm only one person and I don't have the time to search for missing information or reply to every email that fails include what I need to make a decision.

As of 6/3/16: I can no longer guarantee a reply if I decline to review your book. I hate having to say this, yet my personal life is chaotic right now. If you don't hear from me within 2 weeks, please take it as a no for that book.

Update 27/5/16: Accepted genres changed to reflect my current tastes. Please check below before emailing.

I accept:
  • Books for reviews - I prefer paperbacks due to the strain screens put on my eyes but I do accept ebooks 
  • Author interviews -  Only if I've read your work. 
  • Book spotlights/Guest posts/Cover Reveals/Blitzes/Tours ~ I cannot take on new requests right now. I will only consider requests from those I've worked with previously.
I accept work from both self-published, indie, and published authors. The formats I accept are: ebooks (epub & mobi) and hard copies, but please bear in mind you'll have to post to the the UK if you offer a printed book. 

Books from publishers or ARCs take precedence over self-published and hard copies over ebooks. 

Favourite Genres

Young Adult & New Adult Only
Romance (all sub-genres)
Full-length or Novellas
Genres I will consider if there's a romantic element

Urban fantasy
Mild Sci-fi (not complicated tech stuff)
Genres I do not accept at all:

Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Short Stories
Children's Literature
Middle Grade
Religious Fiction
LBGT Fiction
Realistic Fiction
Graphic Novels
Comic Books
Erotic Fiction (you will see reviews occasionally but I have found the books myself)
Epic Fantasy

My reviews will give my honest opinion. I try to give a balanced review, however, if I didn't like something I will say so. My reviews include a description from Goodreads or Amazon, cover, release date, publisher, and rating. 

I reserve the right to decline a book or to stop reading if I'm not enjoying the story. I will reply to emails if I accept your book, and will let you know once I have read/reviewed/or cannot finish your book. My reviews are posted on here, Goodreads, (if requested), Twitter, and Google+. I do not remove them unless they are false or inaccurate. I will try and review all books as quickly as possible and my average waiting time is 2 months if the book is not an ARC.

Link to Post - My Reviews clearing things up (in answer to some bad experiences about what my reviews aren't)


What to Send for a Review Request

If you would like to request a review of your book please email the following to logansienna[at]gmail[dot]com. Please address me in the email (I'm not a fan of getting "dear blogger," "hi", or just the info below)  and I always decline requests that do it as I take them as a mass email. 

Title/Author Name
Format you're willing to provide
Word Count/Page number
Published/Self published
One link to a website/blog/where the book is found (if possible)
Series number (if it is a series and if I haven't read the previous books I will ask for those to as I hate reading books out of order)

Failure to include all of this information may result in the request being ignored or declined. Also if you send the book with your request I will automatically decline so please wait until I have agreed.

Side note (what not to do):
  • I hate requests that aren't personalised and won't reply to them as I will take it as a mass email unless it is tailored to my policy. I have a name, please use it. It doesn't take that long to type and you'll probably get a better response. 
  • I will not follow links (unless all other info is there) to find descriptions etc. as I don't have the time with all the requests I get. I have had it happen a few times where authors do not include a description. Please do not leave this out as it the most important thing in the request.
  • Please don't send me a bullet pointed list of demands about what you want from a review, where you want it, how quickly you want it etc in your request; it annoys me. I do this out of a love for reading and if you send me a list of demands I will decline automatically as it is putting pressure on me and you are being presumptuous. My guidelines are outlined here and I stick to them. You can request places to post the review and kindly ask me if I can have it done by a certain date if I agree to review your work after the initial request.
  • Basically, don't make it hard for me or be rude. The harder you make it and less info you include the more likely I am to decline as I don't have the time to chase information.
  • Also I have had a few bad experiences now - If I receive rude or insulting emails once I have created any kind of post for you (even happened with spotlights), I will post what you send me in the comments or the post itself on my blog so people can see. I may reply to the email but don't expect a response. I spend time putting together posts to help authors so the least you can do is be grateful. However it is up to you whether you want to test me on this point. 

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