Friday, 20 March 2015

Review ~ Obsessed With Him Serial by Hannah Ford

Obsessed With Him (Obsessed With Him, Book One) Addicted To Him (Obsessed With Him, Book Two) Consumed By Him (Obsessed With Him, Book Three)
Book 1                                Book 2                             Book 3

ebooks borrowed via Kindle Unlimited.

Introducing the hot and sexy new adult series, OBSESSED WITH HIM, from author Hannah Ford… 

Sometimes the pleasure is worth the pain… 

Desperation. That’s what leads Olivia Holloway to apply for a job at Loose Cannons, the club owned by the city’s most eligible bachelor, Colt Cannon. 

After aging out of foster care, Olivia’s desperate to start her life over and leave her sordid past behind her. 

Colt is tattooed and sexy and all kinds of wrong for her. So why can’t she seem to stop thinking about him? 

Colt knows he’s bad for Olivia. He has a past he’s determined to keep hidden at all costs, and he’s not willing to let anyone get close – much less a girl like Olivia. 

But soon the two are spending all their time together, caught up in the exact circle of obsession and danger they were trying to avoid. Can their love heal their wounds? Or will their relationship destroy them both?

My Opinion

I borrowed this whole serial on a whim. It sounded like an okay read and whilst it started off interesting, I soon found my attention drifting--especially halfway through the second instalment. By the time I finished the third instalment I was reading thinking it was the final book therefore I was disappointed to find out it wasn't.

For me thing just moved too quickly and I couldn't bring myself to care about the characters. The situations didn't feel that realistic and I didn't buy into the feelings. I wish I could have but I won't be continuing the fourth instalment when it's released.



  1. When is the final book number 6 coming out il forget it if not soon soo annoying finish story

    1. I'm not sure when book 6 is releasing. I stopped reading after 3 and wasn't aware there were more. Sorry!


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