Friday, 27 March 2015

Review ~ The Game (That Girl #2) by H.J. Bellus

The Game (That Girl, #2)ebook borrowed via Kindle Unlimited

Release Date: December 16th 2014

Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC

Born to shine. 

Groomed to dominate. 

Levi Wilks is destined only to be a champion… 

Number one on the field, in the record books, and in every fans’ heart. This star QB is perfection from head to toe. Only his looks rival his talent on the field. 

Not one flaw to be found…that is, until he looks in the mirror… 

Levi sees his dad’s dreams, his mother’s demands, and lost dreams of his own. Dreams that vanished one by one as his life, and career, were carefully etched out for him by others. 

He was always jealous of his younger brother Lincoln, a carefree spirit . Some nights he’d pray for a normal life. An average life. But that wasn’t who he was, he’d never have the courage to be like him. 

But what happens when Levi is forced to sit on the sidelines for a couple of games? 

At the lowest part of his career, he finds himself magnetized by a blonde beauty. 

This unexpected girl challenges everything he knows… 

And dares him to fight for everything he wants… 

Is Levi Wilks ready for her? Is he ready for “The Game” of his life?

Mature Content Warning. Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content.

My Opinion

Finally! My streak of bad endings is over. I will admit that I was slightly wary going into this book after being left frustrated by That Girl, however I was pleasantly surprised.

For me The Game was a much more enjoyable read. I felt the writing flowed better, things moved at a better speed, and I'm so glad there was more Lincoln and Lynlee. The story wasn't as tough to read as book one, but there were moments where you could feel the characters' pain. I did engage with them slightly, and I enjoyed the relationship.

If there one thing I would say is that the author didn't seem to dig too deep into the pain and emotions. To me it felt like this book only just scratched the surface--with the past and the present--and at times I did want more heart. I wanted to read the trauma and feel for the characters to make this book great.

Overall though, I definitely enjoyed this book more. It had a satisfying ending and it also gave a better resolution to book one. The characters are likeable, and I'm on to book 3, which is the book I really wanted to read in this series.


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