Sunday, 8 March 2015

Review ~ Mastering Meg by Saskia Walker

Mastering Megebook received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: December 9th 2014

Meg is enjoying a peaceful log cabin and a hiking holiday in Scotland, until her ex arrives on the doorstep. When she realizes he intends to share the cabin with her, she is outraged.

Piers wants Meg back and he thinks he finally has his lover figured out. He’s been to her London flat and he’s found her secret stash of BDSM material. Meg wants to be mastered, and Piers is determined to be the one to do so. After a breakneck drive north, he stakes his claim.

Meg is furious that her ex has cornered her and heads off into the wilds, but Piers is only a whisper behind her. When he captures and cuffs her, she is astonished. Despite her protestations, Meg is wildly aroused by his dominant approach. She’s always loved him, and now he is kicking aside the final barrier between them.

Never before has Meg been so liberated, so debauched, or so thoroughly pleasured. Getting her to admit that, however, is his biggest challenge. But Piers is determined, he has patience…and he has an arsenal of bondage equipment to master Meg with.
Reader Advisory: This book includes scenes that some readers may find objectionable, including chase and capture, bondage and domination.

My Opinion

I didn't realise this was a novella when I requested Mastering Meg. It was the cover that had me drawn to the book and it sounded like a hot read.

Whilst it was an okay read, I did find myself getting bored. I'm usually a fan of novellas because they give me a chance to read around my busy schedule. However, this one was ruined for me by the fact everything was given away in the description. Like I said, I didn't know this was a novella so I thought there'd be more story--there wasn't--than the description gave away. I felt this let down what could have been an enjoyable read.

Like with most novellas you don't really get to know the characters. You get a sense of their personality, and learn about little quirks with offhanded comments, but in 60 pages it's not easy to create a bond. I wanted to be drawn into their relationship, but there wasn't enough about them. 

The change in this story was interesting to read as it played out. Pier did come across as in control, and I got the sense he did love Meg. I will admit I've read hotter books and I felt it lacked in description, but maybe that's down to the blurb again.

Overall whilst it was an okay read I didn't find it held my attention. I was expecting more and it didn't live up to that.


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