Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Review ~ Private Lessons by Chelsea Dorsette

Private Lessonsebook borrowed via Kindle Unlimited.

Release Date: December 30th 2014

Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC

When Denise Spencer, co-owner of a chiropractic practice in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado decides to take private ski lessons, she has no idea that her sexy instructor, Dustin Wells, is the same man she’s been flirting anonymously with on a dating website. 

The moment she figures out that Dustin is the man behind the flirtatious, and very naughty emails, she decides to have a bit of fun before he figures out she’s the same salacious woman he’s been flirting with electronically. 

When she finally tips her hand and divulges to Dustin that she’s one in the same woman, a steamy romance heats up immediately, and Denise begins the most exciting sexual relationship of her life. 

Dustin introduces her to everything from a dom/sub relationship, to threesomes and bondage. 

Just when she is starting to realize that Dustin is someone who she wants a future with, everything changes in a matter of seconds… 

And it threatens to destroy everything they’ve built, as her life comes crashing down around her.

My Opinion

From the description this sounded like it would be a hot, quick read. I was interested by the skiing, but also the erotic side of the novella.

However, whilst I liked the story, I found it hard to fall in love with the writing style. There was so much telling involved with this novella and it didn't feel the writing flowed. It was very stop and start between chapters and during a chapter the pace was slow. It started off well but quickly I found my attention drifting as things jumped in time.

For me this novella was set over a too bigger time period. There wasn't enough time to build a relationship with the character and I found it hard to connect.

Overall this was a quick read that broke up the time, but for me the writing was only mediocre.


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