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Review ~ Scarred by You by Laura Carter

Scarred by You
eARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: October 24th 2016

Publisher: Self-published

Their past will become their future. Their scars will be reopened.

Clark Layton has the world at his feet. He is the CEO of one of the largest oil companies in the world and he has a fiancée most men would kill for. Then why, the night before his wedding, is he still thinking about everything he lost when he walked out on Dayna Cross?

Dayna didn’t intend to take the helm of Subsea Petroleum. But events beyond her control left her no choice. And she can handle it, mostly. She can juggle the long hours, the chauvinistic men, and a broken heart. What she can’t deal with is Clark Layton swanning back into her life and threatening to break down her walls.

They are rival CEOs and they are in a dogfight for a lucrative new pipeline. But as truths of their past begin to surface, business won’t be the biggest battle they enter into.

My Opinion

This is the first book I've read by Laura Carter. Having met her at a signing earlier this year she's been on my tbr pile for awhile so when I saw Scarred By You I was intrigued and had to read it. Considering it's a standalone it seemed like the perfect place to start.

This book offered something different. While it deals with CEOs, both Clark and Dayna are in the oil industry. I've not seen this before and I thought it gave the book a uniqueness and interesting angle. The plot surrounding the oil companies was interesting and kept me intrigued as it's corrupt and dirty. 

As for the relationship, I did think there was chemistry. The characters are put through their paces in this book and I enjoyed watching their journey play out. I believed in Clark's emotions, but I was glad Dayna didn't let him walk all over her.

I did wish there was a slight nod to the other characters at the end just to wrap things up a little more. Dayna's revenge fizzled out a little and I didn't understand why. However that's only minor--literally wanted a sentence here or there.

Overall this was a book that was different to what I've read before. It was well written and I thought it a great introduction to this author.


Sunday, 23 October 2016

Review ~ Prick Tease (Tangled Desires, #1) by Misti Murphy

Prick Tease (Tangled Desires, #1)
ebook downloaded for free via Amazon.

Release Date: October 21st 2015

Publisher: Self-published

Claire Hadley shouldn’t even be on my radar.
There are a million damn reasons why I shouldn’t touch her. 

Her brothers are my best friends. We grew up together, under the same roof.

I’m supposed to think of her like a little sister.

I won’t break my loyalty for a f*ck. 

Razer Bennington forgot me when he joined the marines. 
One kiss. Seven years. I can’t get the taste of him out of my mouth. 

I’m meant to be the good girl. A virgin. A role model. 

I’m supposed to live up to their expectations.

Screw that… 

I’m going to get what I want. 

I should be careful what I wish for. 

Claire Hadley was about to check the perfect fiancĂ© off her checklist. 
Until she found him underneath a hooker. 
Running home to her brother, she doesn’t expect to be rescued by Razer Bennington. 
Seven years ago he left her behind. 
But she hasn’t forgotten their last night together. Or the kiss they shared. 
Tired of living up to the expectations of others, she throws caution to the wind. 
This time she’ll get what she wants. 
Even if getting what she wants could destroy him.

My Opinion

For a freebie this was okay. I thought it would be right up my street what with a former marine and brother's best friend as the main themes. I was excited to start it as soon as it appeared on my Kindle.

While this was an easy read, I did expect it to be hotter. Personally, I didn't think there was a spark between Razer and Claire. They were okay as a couple, but they lacked chemistry. Maybe I went in expecting too much, I don't know, but that's what let this book down for me. I also don't think the marine side of things wasn't used to its full potential. It was very much just mentioned and left at that.

Overall, it was an okay read to pass the time.


Saturday, 22 October 2016

Review ~ Professed by Nicola Rendell

ebook downloaded for free via Amazon.

Release Date: August 1st 2016

Publisher: Self-published

At a secret masked ball at Yale, Naomi Costa is literally swept off her stiletto-blistered feet by a man with a killer jawline, a perfect body, and an even-better kiss. They bust out of an emergency exit and have axis-shaking sex. He pours whiskey in her belly button and after they run out of condoms, they have to get creative. That kind of sex.

The next day, she learns that he is none other than Dr. Benjamin Beck, a brand new member of the Yale faculty and the hottest thing to happen to academia since… well, ever. She has to take his damned junior seminar to graduate, but it gets worse. He’s also her College Master: her boss, her advisor, her everything. And he’s just moved in, right downstairs.

They can’t stay away from each other. They're either fusion or fission or both. They’re making out in libraries, hiding notes between stones, and sneaking off to nautically themed AirBnbs. Hear that sound? It’s the academic code of ethics going up in flames.

If they're found out, he’ll lose his job and his reputation. She'll lose her scholarship and be forced to return to the life of lobster fishing that she thought she’d escaped.

And they will be found out, yes they will.

So what the hell are they going to do?

My Opinion

Professed isn't my usual read, but it was free and sounded hot from the teasers I'd seen on Facebook so I decided to give it a chance.

While there were parts that weren't for me, and I'm still not totally convinced by this trope, something about this book kept me reading. When Naomi and Ben were together there was definite chemistry and it was a hot read.

Overall, a good read. I'm not going to say too much as I don't read much of this trope, but I'm glad I took a chance on it.


Friday, 21 October 2016

Blog Tour Review ~ Confessions of an Undercover Girlfriend (Confessions, #2) by Kay Marie

Confessions of an Undercover Girlfriend (Confessions, #2)
eARC received via the author in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: October 11th 2016

Publisher: Self-published


So, I'm no longer a virgin sex columnist—thank you, Ollie—but if I thought that was going to make my life easier, boy was I wrong! John is back in town determined to win my forgiveness. Blythe is more ready than ever to take me down. Bridget is totally onto the new twinkle in my eye. And, well, Ollie is just as distractingly delicious as usual.

So, naturally, I have a few more confessions to make.

Confession #1: I came up with what I thought would be the perfect plan to keep my relationship with Ollie a secret—pretend to get back together with John!

Confession #2: It backfired. A lot.

My Opinion

After enjoying Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist  I couldn't wait to start this book to see where the author took Ollie and Skylar's story.

Once again this was a sweet and easy read. The writing flows well and is just a pleasure to get lost in. There are some comical moments thrown in with a tiny amount of drama, which made for a light, fluffy book that just made me feel good. The craziness of it all put a smile on my face.

As for the characters, I thought they were continued well. I'm not sure I felt as much of a spark between Ollie and Skylar, but they were a cute couple and I wanted the best for them.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read. It was a laugh and one of those books that picked me up when I needed it. I'd definitely recommend.


**This is a KDP select novel. $3.99 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Review ~ Never Forgotten Love (Second Chances #1) by S.M. Stryker

Never Forgotten Love (Second Chances #1)
ebook downloaded for free via Amazon.

Release Date: May 23rd 2015

Publisher: Self-published

Beckett was smaller than most boys his age growing up. This caused him to have little to no self-esteem while faced with the physical abuse he endured from the hands of his mother.

His best friend Harlow, who’s not only beautiful but tough as nails has been there for him since first grade.

Unforeseen circumstances separated them with promises of always keeping in touch. Reminders of a friendship left behind, possessions taken away only lead to a friendship that was once the center of Beckett’s world.

Ten years later Beckett’s turned into a man with confidence and the self-esteem he needs to search for Harlow. The only problem is; she’s off grid.

After graduating high school, he finally grew. Even after ten years, Beckett never went a day without thinking of Harlow, every decision he ever made, was made with her in mind.

With the support of not only his boss, but friends the dig deeper to find her. The only problem is the unknown.

This story is about lost loves, best friends and second chances.

My Opinion

Never Forgotten Love was a cute second chance romance with a hint of suspense. It held my interest for the most part and I enjoyed it.

I liked Harlow and Beck's story. I liked how their roles reversed as they met when they were older and Beck became the protector. Although I did have to suspend reality for a few things, the majority of the book was well crafted.


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