Thursday, 28 May 2015

Review ~ Torn - Part Three (Torn #3) by Ellen Callahan

Torn - Part Three (The Torn Series)ebook borrowed via Kindle Unlimited

Release Date: May 8th 2015

Publisher: Self-published

Alexa Riley believes that her life is in order. She’s working hard, she’s making rent, she’s getting by in the big city. And she’s doing it all on her own. 

Mallet hovers around the peripherals of her life. She quit the band and quit that group of friends. It would have been so easy for him to simply drift away. 

But he won’t. 

With the holidays looming heavily over her head, she’s not ready to face to her family. Facing her family means facing her own problems and facing herself. 

Overwhelmed and out of control, her determination to keep him away grows weak. Mallet’s apologies and offers and promises tug on her heart, bringing her inch by slow inch back into his arms. Making mistakes never felt so good. But with the ghosts of their pasts still hot on their heels, can they ever hope to make things right?

My Opinion

So far I've read all of these books back-to-back. Each one leaves on a cliff hanger and I've enjoyed the first two. Unfortunately this one lost me a bit. The plot was getting a bit samey and things moved too quickly in. Things keep going backwards and forth with the relationship and the author isn't giving things enough time to develop. There isn't much of an emotional connection.

Saying that, there is only one more instalment left so I'll finish the serial. Each instalment is a quick, easy read that you don't have to think about. They are written well, I just wish a little more would happen. I'm starting to think this would have been better as one novel than a serial.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Review ~ Torn - Part Two (The Torn Series) by Ellen Callahan

Torn - Part Two (The Torn Series)ebook borrowed via Kindle Unlimited

Release Date: May 8th 2015

Publisher: Self-published

He doesn’t let anyone inside his heart, but she managed to break it anyway. 
For Mallet, fighting comes first, friends seconds, and flings a distant third. Yet somehow Alexa Riley dominated his thoughts, distracted him, drove him damn crazy. 

It all started out as a game, though, and all games eventually come to an end. Right? 

So why can’t he stay away? Why can’t he keep his hands off of her? He ought to keep his eyes on his goals - getting stronger, being the best, working and fighting until he’s ready to drop so that he can finally beat his older brother in a match that’s been a long time coming. 

Good things can never last. Not for him. Grudges and the mistakes of his past follow him, taunt him, and would come between them given half a chance. But Riley worms her way back in. He’s invincible in the ring but he’s helpless against her. 

Some fights, losing is winning. 

Some fights, the results are inevitable. Predetermined. Destiny. 

And all fights have to come to a violent end.

My Opinion

The second of a four part serial, this read surprised me by being written from Mallet's POV. For the first chapter I thought it was just going to retell book one from the guy's POV, but thankfully after chapter one it picked up where part one left off.

Just like the first part I enjoyed this read. Things move along at a good pace and it kept me interested. Once again it is just a standard romance, and some of the drama is a little clich├ęd, but for something I downloaded for free, and for it's length it's a good read. I hope things go back to Riley's POV though.


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Review ~ Torn - Part One (The Torn Series) by Ellen Callahan

Torn - Part One (The Torn Series)ebook borrowed via Kindle Unlimited

Release Date: May 8th 2015

Publisher: Self-published

He’s the bad boy with the filthy mouth unlike any man she’s ever known.

One wink was all it took.
Now she’s hooked.

When college grad Alexa Riley set out to reinvent herself, getting dumped wasn’t part of the plan. She changed her whole look, joined a punk band, and leapt into her new party-hopping lifestyle with both feet. She’s sure she’ll win her ex back but there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun in the meantime, right?

Yeah, right.

It’s all fun and games until she meets Mallet. The cocky and magnetic MMA fighter isn’t shy about what he wants - and he wants her. Old Alexa would never have a casual fling, but New Alexa is ready to explore her wild side.

But no matter how much she can change how she looks and how she lives, she can’t change the way her heart beats. She’s falling for the sexy and seductive fighter, hard and fast.

Just in time for Tyler to decide that he wants her back after all.

Of course.

This is the first part in a four-part series.

My Opinion

This is another read I borrowed via Kindle Unlimited. I didn't really know what to expect, but seeing as it's a serial I didn't really expect much. I was after quick reads that didn't involve much thought.

Anyway, I found myself enjoying Torn part 1. It's set up some interesting situations and I'll definitely be reading more. I have a thing for fighters and I'm intrigued to see how Mallet grows. I also really dislike Tyler! I will admit that there's nothing blow-your-mind-amazing about this read. It's just a simple, standard romance, but it's a good one to chill out with.


Monday, 25 May 2015

Review ~ Not a Fairy Tale by Romy Sommer

Not a Fairy Taleebook received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: February 19th 2015

Publisher: HarperImpulse

And the award goes to…

Not Nina Alexander that’s for sure. With her best gracious loser face firmly in place, Hollywood’s hottest starlet is hoping to end her evening of disappointment with a graceful exit stage left. Only an unexpected proposal and an awkward wardrobe malfunction mean that this is certainly going to be a night to remember… for all the wrong reasons! So what girl would resist the gorgeous Dominic Kelly coming to her rescue?! Especially when he’s whisking her out of the paparazzi’s prying eyes on the back of his motorbike – and wearing a tux to rival James Bond!

Nina soon realises that the only way to recover from such a scandal is to toughen up and snag the role of the decade in the year’s hottest YA screen adaptation. Who better to train her than her very own professional stuntman? Getting up close and personal with Dom will take Nina well out of her comfort zone – both professionally and in her closely scrutinized private life. But this A-list couple know only too well that’s it not all happy ever afters in Hollywood…

My Opinion

Not a Fairy Tale is, by far, my favourite book from this author. I didn't really know what to expect from the story as it broke most of the ties from the author's previous work, but I ended up really enjoying it. 

With her other book there were always small things that niggled me. They were enjoyable, but they didn't hook me in the sense I found them hard to put down. However, Not a Fairy Tale had me wanting to read more. The only reason I put it down was to sleep. It had me turning the pages rapidly and I wanted to see how the relationship progressed, because really, who can say no to a hot stuntman?

As well as this I liked the characters in this book. The author did a good job with creating them and I enjoyed the fact she wrote Nina to be different from the usual celebrity stereotypes. She doesn't complain, gets on with things, has morals, and is determined to succeed. There are some moments where she comes across selfish and self-centred, but I'm glad she makes the right choices in the end. Similarly, Dom was a nice match for her. I loved how his sisters babied him and the connection he had with his family. 

Moreover, I thought the book was paced well. From the romance, to stunt training I found it engaging and I was sucked into the author's world. It was slightly predictable, especially towards the end, but it didn't stop it from being a good read. It had a little bit of everything.

The only section I wanted more detail on was Nina's background. There are small hints throughout and then she comes clean in the end, but I would have liked slightly more emotion and detail. It felt a bit random for me.

Anyway, overall this was a great read. It's my favourite from this author so far and I would definitely recommend it. 


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Review ~ The Contract: The Billionaire's Secret Bargain by J.R. Reed

Romance: The Contract: The Billionaire's Secret Bargainebook borrowed via Kindle Unlimted

Release Date: May 2015

Publisher: Self-published

Small business owner, Miranda Hopkins, needed billionaire, Harry Rosenburg, like she needed a giant, gaping hole in the head, only she did need him. Desperately. She needed him enough to sign his contract for one month as his submissive. 

The chef half to Miranda's catering business was pregnant and ordered to complete bed rest. Her mother's dementia now had her in dangerous situations, and her teen brother's challenging attitude had her at her wit's end. The bills mounted up and she had one shot at the wedding of the season. Then Harry makes her an offer she should definitely refuse. 

Harry Rosenburg is filthy, crazy rich but he has his pride. Lately that seems to have packed it's bags and walked off like everyone else in the wake of his bridezilla sister. The wedding will go on even if he has to plan it himself, in a week, with no catering staff. To make it worse he's offering cash for the small-time caterer to be his wedding plus one, and now she's brokered her own deal to be his submissive. 

No problem. Not until the emotions take over.

My Opinion

I borrowed this on Kindle Unlimited, but it didn't really hold my interest even for a serial. It got better towards the end and I'll give the second one a go because they're so short. I'm hoping this one set things up and things begin to kick off in book 2.


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