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Review ~ Defending Hayden (Second Chances, #7) by L.P. Dover

Defending Hayden (Second Chances, #7)
eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: June 28th 2016

Publisher: Loveswept

No one’s tougher than Carolina Cougars linebacker Derek McLaughlin. But when a fatal car accident claims the life of his girlfriend, Derek finds himself caught in a destructive spiral of drugs, alcohol, and meaningless sex. But not even a string of one-night stands can ease the hurt. Football is all he has left. Then fate leads him back to the scene of the crash, and into the arms of a kind, gorgeous woman who sees past his fa├žade to the man he once was . . . and can be again.

When a chance roadside encounter brings Derek into her life, veterinarian Hayden Hunter isn’t fooled by his bad attitude: All bark and no bite, he’s hiding a wounded heart beneath that gruff demeanor. And Hayden wants to be the one to kiss it all better. Soon they both find that a dose of passion is potent medicine. But when a hidden enemy lashes out at Hayden, Derek steps up to do what he does best: put his body on the line in the name of love.

My Opinion

I think this is the longest I've managed to put off reading an LP Dover ARC to wait until the release date was closer. Still, I couldn't wait any longer today and had to finish Defending Hayden in a matter of hours.

I don't think there's anything I can say I haven't already said about this author. She's one of my favourites and her books never fail to make a bad day better.

Defending Hayden is no exception. The easy flowing story and sweet romance kept me engaged with a smile on my face. The suspense element wasn't as strong in this book and it was quite predictable, but the romance pulled it through. Like always, LP's character are second to none and that's why I love her books so much.

Overall another great read and I can't wait for Luke and Lara's book!


Sunday, 26 June 2016

Review ~ Seared on My Soul by Cole Gibsen

Seared on My Soul
eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: June 27th 2016

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

She’s so young, so full of life…

I couldn’t let her die…

Even if she made the world’s worst coffee.

Emily Garret never asked to be rescued, let alone by a walking JCrew ad whose idea of fun is probably managing his stock portfolio and watching the nightly news. Then again, she never thought she would wind upside-down in a ditch after a night having a little too much fun.

Reece Montgomery never planned on being anyone’s hero, especially the foul-mouthed, bleach-blonde barista from the local coffee shop. He thinks there’s more to Emily than her tattoos, and lip ring, but getting close means letting her into his past and meeting his ghosts.

And he’s not sure she’s ready for that battlefield.

My Opinion

This is the second book by this author I have read now. As soon as I recognised her name and the characters I needed to read it. I loved Lane and Ash's book, and even though they can both be read as standalones, I was pleased to find the author kept Ash and Lane in Seared on My Soul a little bit.

I connected with this book brilliantly, especially Emily. I didn't expect to at the start, but by the end she tugged on my heartstrings. I think she grew and I liked reading about her journey. As for Reece, I couldn't help but feel for him. With PTSD and Survivor's Guilt he's been dealt a rough hand after leaving the military. I sympathised with him greatly and I wanted Em to help him through his pain.

I think the characters worked well in this. They were opposite but also similar. They helped each other without realising it at first until they found it hard to be apart. There was also the chemistry, but it was the emotions that made this a good read for me. The connection between the characters on an emotional level was intense and well crafted.

As for the plot, it's simple and an easy read about a couple helping each other grow through their pains to rediscover themselves. It held my interest well and I couldn't put it down.

Overall, another great read by this author. I will Definitely be look out for future work.


Saturday, 25 June 2016

Blog Tour Review ~ Say You'll Stay by Corinne Michaels

Say You'll Stay
eARC received via InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

Release Date: June 20th 2016

Publisher: Self-published

One word. 

It was all he had to do. Instead, he got on that bus and took my heart with him. 

That was seventeen years ago. 

I moved on. Marriage. Kids. White picket fence. Everything I ever wanted, but my husband betrayed me and I was left once again. 

Alone, penniless, and with two boys, I had no choice but to return to Tennessee. He wasn’t supposed to be there. I should’ve been safe. However, fate has a way of stepping in.

This time around, the tables are turned. It’s my decision. Second chances do exist, but I don’t know if we can repair what’s already been broken . . .

** This is a STANDALONE **

My Opinion

This was another great read by Corinne. I discovered her late last year through a signing I went to over the weekend. It was a shame she couldn't make it in the end, but I will forever be grateful it introduced me to her work.

Say You'll Stay has a powerful, heart wrenching start. In fact the emotional journey throughout the entire book is intense and a roller coaster. The author did a great job of creating characters I engaged with and fell in love with their story.

Presley and Zach were perfect for each other. The chemistry was definitely there, but the relationship was also grounded by the real problems they face. I won't say any more, but they were characters I rooted for and fell in love with.

Overall, a really great read. It was emotional, powerful, but also sweet and tender with the romance and second chance element. I can't wait for Wyatt's book. 


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Review ~ Deadly Odds (Casino Fortuna, #1) by Adrienne Giordano

Deadly Odds (Casino Fortuna, #1)
eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: June 26th 2016

Publisher: ALG Publishing

At Casino Fortuna, stakes are high and the nights are hot…

FBI agent-turned-consultant Kate Daniels hit the jackpot with her new assignment. A cheat is cashing in on the Strip, and she’s hired by Vegas’ biggest name to ensure his glamorous casino isn’t a target. Fortuna is a high roller’s paradise, all gleaming marble and dollar signs. Even a single flaw in security could cost big bucks. Kate can’t afford distractions. Especially the tall, dark and perfectly chiseled kind. Business and pleasure don’t mix. And sleeping with the boss is a dangerous gamble.

Fortuna’s VP of casino operations, Ross Cooper, is gaming’s golden boy. He’s got a head for business, an eye for beautiful women, and a love for the Vegas lifestyle. When he spots a gorgeous redhead casing his blackjack tables, Ross is more than a little intrigued—he’s suspicious. But Kate is no thief…she’s working for him? Ross hates surprises almost as much as the idea of trouble in his casino.

Kate quickly proves she’s more than a pretty face. Her instincts and smarts are just as enticing. And when her investigation turns deadly, Ross will risk it all to keep her by his side.

My Opinion

This is a first time read for me by this author and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Deadly Odds kept me hooked the entire way through. I liked the Vegas and casino setting, and I thought the author did a great job of creating a believable environment for the characters. It was clear she'd done her research. I will admit not everything was explained well at times, especially when using technical terms. I'm not sure if there are different names for cons and such in the US, but I know quite a bit about sleight of hand and couldn't always imagine what was going on. Small complaint though.

For the most part I really enjoyed the story. I thought the plot was great, the characters were strong, and there was definitely a spark between Ross and Kate. The book was paced well and the relationships and events moved at a good speed. It wasn't too quick, and it didn't drag either. I also liked the banter between Ross, Don, and Marcia. Don put a smile on my face more than once. It added a little humour to the book.

Even if the cheat was kind of obvious, I still enjoyed this book. I'd definitely recommend it and will more than likely look out for this author in the future.


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Review ~ A Measure of Love (A Pound of Flesh, #3) by Sophie Jackson

A Measure of Love (A Pound of Flesh, #3)
eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: June 21st 2016

Publisher: Gallery Books

Life in New York for ex-con Riley Moore is pretty damn good, until a call from his mother shatters the calm: his father has suffered his second heart attack in two years and is in a critical condition. Leaving everything behind, Riley flies home to Michigan for the first time in five years to support his mother and do his best to make amends with his father. He also tries not to think about Lexie Pierce, the only girl he ever truly cared about, and who broke his heart.

When they inevitably meet, memories of their love make Riley yearn to reconnect, despite the pain they both suffered. Though she's wary, and has a secret she’s hidden from him for five years, Lexie has little willpower when it comes to Riley and she agrees. Besides, after all that has gone before, she owes it to both of them to find out if they can love each other again.

Can they both overcome their sorrow and secrets and finally share their life together?

A powerful new voice in modern romance, Sophie Jackson has crafted a passionate love story with unforgettable characters that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

My Opinion

A Measure of Love was an adorable, heartwarming, and endearing read. I'm so glad I found this author when I did because all of the books in this series have drawn me in.

I didn't plan to read this entire book in one morning. In fact, I should have been working. However, I started one chapter and before I knew it I was at 70%. Kind of the point of no return right? No way was I going to put it down with only 30% left so I ended up spending the entire morning reading. I should feel guilty about that, but I'm not. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this book.

The characters in this are great, Noah especially. It's paced well and the emotions tug on your heartstrings. For the most part it is a light, sweet read. It's written beautifully and definitely my favourite in the trilogy I think. I just loved Riley. He had a good heart and was always putting others first.

I'm not going to say any more, you'll have to read this book to find out what happens. I'd highly recommend every book in the series, but especially this one.


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