Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Review ~ Torn - Part Two (The Torn Series) by Ellen Callahan

Torn - Part Two (The Torn Series)ebook borrowed via Kindle Unlimited

Release Date: May 8th 2015

Publisher: Self-published

He doesn’t let anyone inside his heart, but she managed to break it anyway. 
For Mallet, fighting comes first, friends seconds, and flings a distant third. Yet somehow Alexa Riley dominated his thoughts, distracted him, drove him damn crazy. 

It all started out as a game, though, and all games eventually come to an end. Right? 

So why can’t he stay away? Why can’t he keep his hands off of her? He ought to keep his eyes on his goals - getting stronger, being the best, working and fighting until he’s ready to drop so that he can finally beat his older brother in a match that’s been a long time coming. 

Good things can never last. Not for him. Grudges and the mistakes of his past follow him, taunt him, and would come between them given half a chance. But Riley worms her way back in. He’s invincible in the ring but he’s helpless against her. 

Some fights, losing is winning. 

Some fights, the results are inevitable. Predetermined. Destiny. 

And all fights have to come to a violent end.

My Opinion

The second of a four part serial, this read surprised me by being written from Mallet's POV. For the first chapter I thought it was just going to retell book one from the guy's POV, but thankfully after chapter one it picked up where part one left off.

Just like the first part I enjoyed this read. Things move along at a good pace and it kept me interested. Once again it is just a standard romance, and some of the drama is a little clichéd, but for something I downloaded for free, and for it's length it's a good read. I hope things go back to Riley's POV though.


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