Sunday, 24 May 2015

Review ~ The Contract: The Billionaire's Secret Bargain by J.R. Reed

Romance: The Contract: The Billionaire's Secret Bargainebook borrowed via Kindle Unlimted

Release Date: May 2015

Publisher: Self-published

Small business owner, Miranda Hopkins, needed billionaire, Harry Rosenburg, like she needed a giant, gaping hole in the head, only she did need him. Desperately. She needed him enough to sign his contract for one month as his submissive. 

The chef half to Miranda's catering business was pregnant and ordered to complete bed rest. Her mother's dementia now had her in dangerous situations, and her teen brother's challenging attitude had her at her wit's end. The bills mounted up and she had one shot at the wedding of the season. Then Harry makes her an offer she should definitely refuse. 

Harry Rosenburg is filthy, crazy rich but he has his pride. Lately that seems to have packed it's bags and walked off like everyone else in the wake of his bridezilla sister. The wedding will go on even if he has to plan it himself, in a week, with no catering staff. To make it worse he's offering cash for the small-time caterer to be his wedding plus one, and now she's brokered her own deal to be his submissive. 

No problem. Not until the emotions take over.

My Opinion

I borrowed this on Kindle Unlimited, but it didn't really hold my interest even for a serial. It got better towards the end and I'll give the second one a go because they're so short. I'm hoping this one set things up and things begin to kick off in book 2.


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