Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Reviews ~ Christmas Novella Roundup #1!

ebooks purchased by myself or downloaded for free via Amazon

Rather than post a load of mini review, I've summed them all up into one post. Information on the books can be found by clicking on the titles. Information on the authors can be found by clicking on their name.

I will be doing a few of these posts up until December 25th.

All I want for Christmas: A festive short storyAll I want for Christmas: A festive short story by Claudia Carroll

A quick easy read, but it felt more like a teaser for the real book. I had expected the characters to link, but they don't in these short stories so you only get a brief snippet of their Christmas and no conclusion. It was okay, but really only a teaser.


Her Christmas BonusHer Christmas Bonus by Rain Danvers

This was a cute read. The plot was simple and easy to follow, even if it was a little rushed at times--but hey that's what you get with a short story. It didn't feel that Christmassy but was still an enjoyable way to take a break for 15 minutes.


The Santa DragThe Santa Drag by Liv Rancourt

Things were going great at the start. Everything was heading towards an interesting, cheeky short story. However, then it ends at 60% and the rest of the book is a preview of the author's next title. This was so frustrating as things were just starting to get interesting, and then suddenly you get a final paragraph that sums up what happens in the future in about 5 sentence. It was too sudden and wasn't what I was expecting. I'm not sure if this continues or is a spin off from another book, but I don't think it did enough to convince me to read more.

Christmas Ever AfterChristmas Ever After by Jude Ryan

A short easy read. It's very quick and follows the basic emotions of a person who's having doubts on the eve of her wedding. There isn't much to say because it's so short and you don't get to engage with the characters, but for a freebie it was a good way to kill 15 minutes.


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