Saturday, 20 December 2014

Review ~ Love Nouveau by B.L. Berry

Love Nouveauebook purchased by myself.

Release Date: September 29th 2014

The only thing inevitable in love
is despair.

I knew from the start that he would wreck me.
Nothing could have prepared me for the day he walked into my life ...
or the day he walked out of it.

I self-destructed.

All that remained was a shell of the girl I once was.

And I don't know if I'll ever recover.

My Opinion

I bought this book as I'd seen it on a few sites, loved the cover, and saw that it was on sale. It's been on my to-read list since it's release but with all of the requests I get I find it hard to buy books and read those. So, when I could download it for 77p I thought it was the perfect time to give it a chance.

Now that I've read it though, I'm glad I waited until it was on sale. I really wanted to enjoy this book and it sounded exactly like my kind of thing. However, no matter how much I wished it, I couldn't bring myself to connect with it. Things started off badly really when the main character (Ivy) admits to cheating multiple times and basically acting slutty. From then on she lost my respect and she never did anything that made me want to like her. Similarly, because of this it's hard to connect with her and feel sorry for her. A few times she comes across as hypocritical and I didn't feel her character was very consistent.

Moreover, even though Phoenix was more likable and sweet, I didn't find their romance believable. It was way to insta-lovey for my liking and the fact that it then turns into a distance relationship lost the heat and passion these kinds of books need to pull this theme off. I wanted them to be together, but there isn't enough excitement with text messages for me to end up caring about their relationship.

As well as this, because the characters are apart for the majority of the book, it means that it is very text heavy and has very little conversations. I hate this in books as that's where you create the personalities for me. In Love Nouveau you get a lot of inner monologues and thoughts from Ivy, but they didn't really move the story on. In fact I'm not really sure what the main story line was. In the beginning I thought it was about a girl breaking free from her old life to start somewhere else free from the restrictions of a rich family. However, by the end the twists that come in to play derail that line of thought completely and things get really messed up. It just didn't add up or link in my opinion and it felt like drama for the sake of drama. 

Overall, no matter how much I wanted to like this book I just couldn't. It was an okay read, but Ivy was an asshole who acts first and thinks later, has no respect for herself, and wasn't a likable heroine because of her antics. This meant her inner thoughts were kind of whiny and annoying, so I found myself losing interest and skimming a lot. I wish I did like this, but it didn't work for me.


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