Sunday, 21 September 2014

Review ~ Help Me by Clara Bayard

Help Me (Seduced by Danger, #1)ebook downloaded for free from Amazon.

All grown up and all alone...

Amanda Devlin steps of an airplane to an exciting future after her college graduation. But within minutes her dreams are dashed and her life is thrown into confusion and fear. Her sister is missing. A suspicious man seems to be following her.

Her only hope is a scrap of paper...

When she finds her sister's apartment ransacked and the police are reluctant to help, Amanda latches on to a single clue - a mysterious phone number.

The number leads her to a private club like nothing she's ever seen before. The only thing more shocking than the wealth displayed there is the club's true purpose.

...And a man she barely knows.

As she embarks on a dangerous journey, her only ally is sexy young billionaire Trey Heller. He's her guide and her greatest temptation as Amanda enters a world of sex and danger to save her sister. Their attraction is undeniable, but his true intentions are unknown.
My Opinion

This was an okay read but I did find myself skimming sections, as it didn't always hold my attention that well. I think the premise is interesting and it sets everything up nicely, with some interesting characters, however it hasn't enticed me enough to pay for the next 2 books when they are so short. I think it could have been longer and don't really see the need for it to have been split up into 3 novellas.

On the positive side, it was free so I can't complain too much. It was an easy read that killed the time while I was waiting for something.


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