Friday, 19 September 2014

Review ~ Hometown Glory (Fox Creek, #1) by Danica Chandler

Hometown Glory  (Fox Creek, #1)ebook downloaded for free from Amazon

Release Date: September 9th 2013

Jace Cooper always hated Fox Creek. Guilty by association, he took the blame for a crime committed by his friends one wild night four years ago. Recently paroled, he returns to his hometown, unsure of why he came back. 

With most of the town pulling up their welcome mats and closing the door on him, he has to find the one reason he wants to stay. Was it the familiarity? Was it his desire to rekindle broken relationships with family and friends? Or was it Annie Martin, his ex-girlfriend he left broken hearted?

Reunited for the first time after all of those years, they discover intense sexual passion, igniting new feelings Jace has never felt before. Is it lust, or is Jace Cooper falling for Annie Martin? 

He must make a decision – stay in Fox Creek and act on what he is feeling, or go to a different town where no one knows his name or his past.

My Opinion

This was a quick, laid back, easy read that was all right for a freebie. Like with a lot of novellas, it's a very in-the-moment type of story whereby there is little back story and emotional development. I did feel it was a little rushed as I didn't have time to grow to like the character. One minute there was mystery as to who this guy was as he returns, and the next he's in bed with Annie. I know they had a history but I needed a bit more development and less sex to really care as that's what this novella was based around. There wasn't really much of a story to make me want to read more. Still, can't complain when I got it free.


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