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Hidden (Hidden #1) - M. Lathan

Hidden (Hidden, #1)Description
Everyone keeps secrets. But Leah's secret means the difference between life and death. Earth and Hell.

Sixteen-year-old Leah Grant is one year away from leaving the Catholic orphanage where she has lived since she was two months old. She's barely spoken a word since getting magical powers at twelve, the day she learned she was the last of Satan's creatures left on Earth, the only one to escape the mass extinction after her kind tried to take over the world. Barely speaking keeps her alive, and taking the torment her bullies dish out keeps them alive.

But it isn't in her nature to be pushed without consequence forever. She was made to punish. At least, that's what she believes until she falls in love, and now she'll do anything not to let her secret tear them apart.

But the more she exposes about herself, the closer she will get to being captured for her powers that the evil covet and the good must end for the safety of us all.

My Opinion
I really enjoyed this book, it brought a new take on shifters, witches and the magical community. It moved at a faced pace and kept me hooked throughout the whole story. I loved the darker side to Christine when she assumed the name of Leah and it was really interesting to be taken into the thoughts of the character at these points. As well as this I really enjoyed reading the romance. It was sweet, maybe a bit over the top at points but it fitted with the idea of a couple newly in love so it didn't matter.

The hunters were definitely my favourite part in this book. For me it made it different to other books with the same paranormal creatures in it and the sinister element M. Lathan gave to them made it all the more engaging and entertaining to read, especially as what they were was revealed throughout the book as opposed to all at once. 

There were only a few minor problems I had with this book. The first being the flashbacks/memories. I think this is more down to formatting though as my problem lay in distinguishing them from the rest of the story. As there were no breaks or italics I found myself reading previous sentences to try and figure out what was going on and to check if it was a flashback. I think it may have been easy to read if italics or a line break was put in so the story can flow easier as it would make it obvious to the reader there is a shift in time. The only other minor issue I had was that there were a few grammatical errors, typos. In some places it didn't effect the story as I just read over them but when a word was replaced by another, I think it was "latter" replaced with "ladder" it broke up the flow of the writing as I was trying to figure out what I was reading.

Overall this book was a fast, engaging and exciting read. the story line was great and was refreshing to read a different take of the magical community. The only problems I had were mostly down to formatting and editing but nothing major, you just may have to read a sentence a few times now and then. I would recommend this t paranormal lovers and I will be waiting for book 2!


  1. Sienna really enjoyed your review :) I'm currently reading Hidden for a blog tour. Will come back and let you know my thoughts ;)

    1. Thanks Angelica, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! :)


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