Friday, 5 September 2014

Review ~ Knox: Volume 2 (Knox #2) by Cassia Leo

Knox: Volume 2 (Knox, #2)

ebook purchased by myself

Now that Rebecca knows Knox’s plans, she wants to know how her ex-boyfriend August fits into it all. But it’s hard to keep track of the many intricacies of Knox’s vendetta when Rebecca is consumed with her lust for him. Her every waking minute is spent trying to push her desire for Knox to the background, but he’s making that very difficult. He’s invaded her life. Knox is everywhere. And so is August.

Just when Rebecca begins to feel as though she’s hit a comfortable stride in her relationship with Knox, she receives news that will make her question Knox’s intentions and change her life forever.

My Opinion

It took me a while to convince myself to continue this series because of the length. However, when I saw the box set available, I thought I'd give it a go considering I enjoyed book 1 when it was free.

Therefore, because of the gap between reading book 1 and 2, this instalment surprised me with the direction it took. It had all of the qualities that I liked from Knox 1 and this author and the ending had me reading on straight away, even when I needed to stop.


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