Monday, 29 September 2014

Review ~ Forbidden (Angels Among Us #2) by Linn B. Halton

Forbidden (Angels Among Us, #2)ebook received via the author in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: 14th November 2013

Publisher: HarperImpulse

“I’m in a tunnel—it’s dark and yet little rays, like pinpricks of sunshine breaking through foliage, seep towards me from every angle.”

Love is a powerful emotion, but can it change the course of someone's destiny?

This is a romance story that explores the possibility of there being something more than just the 'here and now'.

Part 2 in the Angels Among Us series.

My Opinion

I enjoyed this more than the first novella in this series. The relationship was more of a focal point and we got to know the characters better, especially Alex who has some secrets come to light. For me things took a while to get started but like book 1, they get better as you read on and leave you wanting more with a cliff hanger.

If there is one thing I'd say is that I would like a bit more speech to be able to connect with the characters better. There are a lot of thoughts and inner narrations in these novellas and I do feel a little distant like I don't really know Ceri or Alex. For me speech also helps moves things along quickly.

Anyway, on to the third, because the ending was just mean. I need to know what happens with Alex!


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