Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Review ~ Deadly Chemistry (Sex, Lies, and Science Geeks #1) by Teri Anne Stanley

Deadly Chemistry (Sex, Lies, and Science Geeks, #1)
eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: June 23rd 2014

Publisher: Entangled: Ignite

Former undercover cop Mike Gibson has been lying low, working as a maintenance man to put his troubled younger brother through college. But when a beautiful scientist enlists Mike’s help to repair the damage done to her lab by a group of vandals, Mike finds that his, and his brother's pasts, are about to be brought to light. 

Laura Kane was happy having a secret crush on the hot maintenance man at Tucker University, but when the drug she was studying is stolen, Laura has a chance to get to know Mike in person. The problem is, he seems to know more about what's going on than any maintenance man should. But then the drug turns up in the wrong hands, and Mike and Laura have to decide if their own chemistry will help, or hinder, the race to save innocent lives.

My Opinion

The description of this book had me at 'undercover cop' really. I think this is my latest phase of reading and can't get enough of them so obviously I requested Deadly Chemistry when I saw it up on NetGalley.

I liked the relationship in this book. The build up was good and things did get hot and steamy when the characters were finally together. I'm all for alpha-type men in books and Mike was just that. He was the stereotypical 'hot' guy who has a bit of a tortured past but doesn't stop at anything to get what he wants--and that isn't a complaint. In fact I really liked his character and how Lauren tried to push him away because that type of guy scared her. I would have liked more detail on his and his brother's background but I did feel for him and sympathised with the guilt he carried.

I didn't feel the same like towards Lauren though. She was an OK character but I didn't feel she was all that smart. I'm not saying every scientist has common sense but the things she did at times didn't seem that believable. Also the constant repetition of how she made the drugs became a bit too much and made her narrative slightly annoying. However, when the couple were together, I liked her more and that's probably because the topics and activities shifted away from work.

My main issue when reading this book was that although I enjoyed it, the writing felt very choppy and disjointed. The plot jumped around a lot and I did find myself skimming back over pages to see what I had missed or whether there was a connection I hadn't processed. Each time I did this though I couldn't find anything so was slightly confused how the author got from one place to another so quickly. As well as this the bad guy was predictable so I was a bit disappointed that all of my assumptions proved to be true as there wasn't much of a surprise or reveal.

Overall though, this was a quick easy read that was enjoyable. It has it's problems but in general the story did engage me and kept me reading.

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