Thursday, 26 June 2014

Review ~ The Beautiful Ones (Prequel) by Lori Brighton

The Beautiful Ones (Prequel)ebook downloaded from Amazon for free

Release Date: February 9th 2014

Some say we’re special, and that’s why we’re kept in seclusion. Beyond those walls evil lurks and innocent prey would be lost in minutes. Gone. Destroyed. Forgotten. 
Others say the opposite: we’re locked away because there’s something wrong with us. If we roamed the outside world, we might taint the beautiful ones. A species so pure, that to merely be in their presence is a gift. 

As for my beliefs…I’m not sure. 

But I do know one thing: neither of those reasons explains why it is that they come for us only after we’ve passed the age of sixteen. Whether we want to go or not, we’re taken through those iron gates. Escorted away from the only home we’ve ever known, escorted to our destiny—whatever that destiny may be—never to be seen again.

My Opinion

This was an okay read but I think I'd have had to read it more around 2009 these kinds of paranormal/vampire books where new to really like it. I can't say where the author is going to take the first book in the series, as this is a prequel, but for me to be interested in the next book it'll have to be something very unique to this genre as I feel as I've read it all before. I'm really not sure you can do anything original with vampires these days.

Saying that, this prequel had a good amount of tension and mystery for most part, was quick and easy to read, and had quite a bit packed into it.

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