Friday, 26 June 2015

Review ~ Unforgettable (Unrated #1) by Samantha Hunter

Unforgettable (Forbidden: A Shade Darker - Book 1)

ebook downloaded for free via Amazon

Release Date: January 1st 2014

Publisher: Mills & Boon (Blaze)


Unforgettable. After losing nearly a decade of memories, firewoman Erin Riley is starting over. But the dark, intense gaze of her ex, Fire Marshal Bo Myers, haunts her days and her erotically charged nights. But, when they discover there's a serial arsonist targeting firefighters, the only way to save lives is by risking both of their hearts.

My Opinion

This is one of the better freebies I've read in a while. It had a different plot that I don't see all that common in romance novels, and it was a gentle read that immersed you in the author's world.

For me Unforgettable was unique because of Erin's amnesia. Although I've seen this before it's not common. I liked watching her find herself and Bo again, and thought things moved along at a steady pace. The twist with the fires and mystery surrounding what was happening had me hooked.

I will admit it didn't draw a huge emotional response from me. I thought the author wrote about the amnesia in a very subtle way. Erin coped well and I think I would have liked to see her break down more.

Overall though this was a good read. Like I said, it is one of the better freebies I've read and was it was a good book I could relax with. It wasn't too taxing or emotional but it was sweet.


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