Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Review ~ Owed: One Wedding Night by Nancy Holland

Owed: One Wedding Nightebook received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: June 4th 2015

Publisher: Harper Impulse

Jake Carlyle always gets what he wants… especially when it comes to his runaway bride.

To save her family's business, determined Madison Ellsworth must turn to Jake Carlyle, her ex lover and the man she left standing at the altar.

Jake eventually agrees to help, but on one condition – he gets what he’s owed. His wedding night.

Still in love with Jake, Madison agrees, but once the passionate honeymoon is over, she can’t help but wonder if their marriage is based on convenience, love – or revenge.

As they deal with the failing business, Madison and Jake soon learn that high-stakes games played in the boardroom inevitable will spill over into the bedroom!

My Opinion

This is a tough one for me. I enjoyed it, it was quick, and it was a pleasant story, but there's one thing prevent me from pushing it into the really liked category.

Owed: One Wedding Night is an intriguing read that kept me hooked. I didn't realise how quickly I was getting through it at one stage. The story was enjoyable as the characters fought and made up, and I liked the idea.

I also thought it was paced well. The book held my interest right the way through.

The thing I mentioned preventing me from rating it higher is the romance, but bare with me on this as it's not that simple.

This book centres around Jake and Maddison finding each other again. After Maddison left Jake at the altar she needs his help a few years later. This means from the start their relationship is more like a business deal. Whilst that's not a bad thing, it didn't leave much room for sparks and masses of chemistry. I kind of expected there to be more of a connection but I felt both Jake and Maddison were cold. They also didn't talk so there was little emotional depth. We are told their feeling, but I never felt them.

All of this meant the backwards and forth relationship drew little emotion from me. I enjoyed it and it was a pleasant read, I just wasn't invested in it.

Overall it's an easy read I'd recommend. It doesn't have the greatest romance, but it was still enjoyable.


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