Thursday, 9 April 2015

Review ~ Unspoken by Brenda Rothert

Unspokenebook received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: October 19th 2014

Palmer Sinclair was on the edge of happily ever after when she broke off her engagement to Brady Grant. The end of their relationship marked the beginning of a painful solitary journey for her. Though she makes places beautiful with her work as an interior designer, the rest of her life is anything but beautiful – it’s slowly pulling her under.

Brady, a contractor, is swiftly building his business into an empire. Work is a faithful companion that never lets him down like Palmer did. When he sees women now, it’s on his terms. And his terms are simple: just sex. He won’t let a woman break him again.

Palmer is barely holding it together when she and Brady are unexpectedly paired on a project after a year apart. The pull between them is stronger than ever, but the fallout from their reconnection leaves them both wondering if maybe some things are better left unsaid.

My Opinion

I may have deviated from my reading order with this book, but I couldn't wait to start it. It's what I felt like reading do I thought what the heck.

Anyway, Unspoken was a quick, but moving, read that kept me hooked. I finished it in one sitting and although it was enjoyable, it was also touching.

The author mentions in the acknowledgments that it stems from personal losses and I thought the emotion came across in her writing. I felt the issues were dealt with sensitively and in a manner that felt realistic. The time frame over which the illness progressed and the fact the author didn't sugar coat or skip ahead gave things a believable quality and allowed you to feel for the characters. I was with Palmer every step of the way and I couldn't help but admire her strength.

Similarly, I enjoyed reading about her finding Brady again. I'm a big fan of second chance romances because I love the reconnection and this one was great. It was a nice balance to the hardships Palmer was facing and Brady was someone she could rely on.

Overall I wasn't able to put this book down. It was a touching read that moved me. The writing flowed well, was paced perfectly, and the characters draw you in.


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