Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Book Spotlight - Horror Stories by Alan Toner

Horror Stories

Horror Stories is a new collection of fright fiction by Alan Toner, author of the True Ghost Stories series. Twelve terrifying tales covering all aspects of the horror genre - from vampires to demons to ghosts - guaranteed to chill your blood:

CHAMBER OF HORRORS - Horrifying entities lurk within the bowels of a wax museum.

BEACH BABE - A single, love-seeking guy encounters a sinister blonde beauty whilst on holiday.

TURNING THE TABLES - A modern-day Dr Frankenstein meets with a gruesome fate when he tries to emulate the notorious mad scientist.

If you love reading The Pan Book of Horror Stories and The Year's Best New Horror, then you are sure to enjoy reading this spine-chilling collection.

Genre: Horror Fiction/Short Story Collections

Available on Amazon

About the Author

My name is Alan Toner and I am a successful writer of ghost and paranormal stories, both fact and fiction. I have published volumes 1-4 of my True Ghost Stories Kindle books on Amazon. I have also published my short story collection, HORROR STORIES, there. In addition to writing Kindle books, I have also published many articles on the site, and have had some of my short stories published in various magazines and books.

In addition to writing, I also run the hugely popular True Ghost Stories site at In 2008, my site attracted the attention of the popular paranormal TV show, Most Haunted, which led to my appearing on the programme talking about my work.

I am currently working on a horror novel, which I hope to publish on both Amazon Kindle and Createspace.

Amazon Author Page

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  1. Hi Sienna. Thank you for featuring my Kindle book HORROR STORIES on your site. I really do appreciate, and to reciprocate the favour, I have added your website to my links page at my site

    Again, thank you so much for featuring my book.



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