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Book Spotlight - Wizards, Woods and Gods: Tales of Integration by F. T McKinstry

Wizards, Woods and Gods: Tales of Integration
In worlds where the veils are thin, the forces of darkness and light blur to twilight gray. Eight tales of magical gardens, lost temples, cosmic alignments, immortal predators, shapeshifters, wizards and gods will transport you to realms where the rules are different, nothing is as it seems and the heart keeps the balance of ages. Told on a rich tapestry of tree and animal lore, romance, dreams, visions and verse.

"The Trouble with Tansy": An orphaned girl on the threshold of womanhood inherits a splendid, mysterious garden from three generations of wisewomen. When a roguish wizard attempts to impress her by disrupting the seasons, she must turn to the old powers for help.

"The War God Sleeps": When a lush, fertile land is seized by drought, a lonely hermit's son ventures deep into the hills in search of water and there awakes a beautiful, yet terrible god whom the world has learned to live without.

"The Bridge": A visionary who spent her life preparing for a planetary alignment that will materialize a beautiful nature spirit only she can perceive, descends into her blackest fears when she is abandoned to a war for which she is indirectly responsible.

"The Fifth Verse": An ancient immortal entity defies the rules of her kind by falling in love with a mortal warrior, an indiscretion that leaves her grieving, pregnant and dependent on the help of a wizard whose army was responsible for the death of her beloved.

"Deathseer": Under the influence of a mysterious observatory, the commander of a fearsome army is trapped in a conflict that eventually costs him his honor and the life of his brother, and drives him to accept an inborn magical ability that changes his destiny.

"Eating Crow": A masterful, wayward shapeshiftress angers a wizard who curses her by summoning a diabolical immortal hunter that puts her near death and forces her to seek the wizard's cat, a gentle, mystical creature that alone can heal her wounds.

"Marked": The mother of a fey child learns the pitfalls of mingling with immortals when her boy is taken by a ferocious winged monster at the request of the god who fathered him.

"The Origin": A woodsman discovers that he is a god who created everything around him to know the love of a woman whose mortality drives him to the brink of annihilation.

Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Fairy Tales

F.T. McKinstryAbout the Author
I write dark fantasy, swords and sorcery, and fairy tales. I love books, forests, winter, cats, fishes, and computers. I live in the northwoods of New England, don’t get out much and have one foot in the otherworld. For years, in the closets of high tech jobs, I created fantasy worlds. Now I spend most of my time there.

I love Northern European legend and mythology. Also woven into my stories are threads of plant and animal lore, mythical creatures, medieval warfare, verse and shadows. In addition to Wizards, Woods and Gods, I’ve published an epic fantasy series called The Chronicles of Ealiron and many short stories in various fantasy/sci fi magazines.I also love to paint and draw. I have six galleries on Imagekind inspired by the natural, mysterious and imaginary, including illustrations for my stories.

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