Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Book Spotlight - Crumble by Victor Penro



Kent Robbs lives in his own dark, sad world, and he isn’t sure what it would take to turn him into someone who could fit with the rest of society. An amazing guitarist, he’s nevertheless cursed with stage fright that keeps him from truly using his gift. After a run of bad luck that is literally fiery, someone finally lends him a hand.

Musician and music producer Gino Favori hires Kent to play in his band. In a relatively short amount of time, Kent makes friends for life and even falls for the band’s sultry lead singer, Erin. Although his demons continue to haunt him, he is determined not to squander this opportunity and what may be his last chance at success.

When the band goes on tour and finds the situation overwhelming, Kent becomes the one to pull them
together. He dismisses his own issues and puts his bandmates on his shoulders, carrying them so they can see over the clouds. But Kent’s luck is never that good for long. Once he finds himself over the hell he created for most of his life, it looks like the band, his love life, his sanity and the world may crumble in spite of him.

Genre: General Fiction
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About the Author
Victor Penro was born in Cleveland, Ohio. From the fifth grade on he knew that he wanted to be
a writer. After graduating from Shaker Heights High School he entered college in Chicago. It was at Columbia College Chicago that he went deep in the culture of writing in the college’s creative writing department. After a hiatus of college Victor wrote many short stories and a few screenplays. Crumble was his first full novel. He currently lives in Chicago, IL.

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