Thursday, 10 January 2013

Forbidden Plantation Passion Part 1 - Victoria Night

Forbidden Plantation PassionsDescription
On a dreary December day during the Civil War, just when all seems darkest and all happiness lost, a miracle happens to show that love conquers all! With the battle at the very door of her plantation mansion, southern belle Savannah has no idea that she will rescue and fall passionately in love with a Yankee soldier named William. But who is William? Is he a spy? Is he the very son of Devil General William Sherman himself? And can William put a stop to the crazy southern General who is obsessed with Savannah? Can Savannah save the life of the wounded man she loves? Can great sex heal her inner wounds? Sure it can! Hang on reader, you are in for the ride of your life on this Christmas morning in Savannah Georgia in December 1864!

My Opinion
I was quite surprised by this book's length when I started reading it, as I have seen it advertised as a novel and thought it would be a lot longer than it was. Standing at 69 pages it was more of a short story than a novel so  was a quick, easy read.

The story line was simple and easy to follow and the main idea and concept was interesting, however I would have liked more detail. Everything in this book happened quite abruptly and it shifted from one scene to another very quickly. The lack of description made the writing quite repetitive as the phrases "he then..." and "she then..." were frequently used. There were some parts of this book that were described really well and engaged me as a reader, however the majority 'told' the audience what was happening rather than 'showing' them. This made it difficult to make any connection with the characters as you couldn't relate or sympathise with their emotions/feelings, it was just a blunt fact that that is what was happening. As well as this the story ended quite suddenly with "part 2 coming soon" as soon as the story started to go somewhere. I found this incredibly frustrating as the book wasn't long to begin with so wished it had continued instead of being split into parts.

Overall with more description this short story could be an interesting read but at the moment I felt quite detached reading it and couldn't engage with the characters due to the lack of detail and being 'told' what was happening rather than being 'shown.'


  1. Will put this on my to read list.

  2. The being told rather than shown I think is a huge problem many new authors have. I find those areas when I edit, but many don't seem to care.

    1. I agree Rebecca, I have read many books where this occurs. I think if this book had more description, not only would it have been longer but it would have been a more interesting read.


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