Sunday, 23 June 2013

Book Spotlight - Alice Rose by Caitriona Leslie

Alice-Rose BookAlice Rose

Following personal tragedy, Libby Finn has returned to her hometown of Ballyedmond and the bosom of her loving family. While many, including her best friend Jules Mahon, might think that they know what’s best for the gorgeous and talented Libby, the girl herself has other plans, and they don’t include another husband, or even a man!Having survived the demise of the Celtic Tiger better than most, Libby is searching for fulfi lment in a future that she believes is destined to be without a great love. Enter Alice-Rose, trailing “complications” that Libby is certain are far beyond her reach.Alice-Rose is the place of cherished childhood memories for Libby and the inspiration for her grown-up dreams. Anything can happen in dreams, and as Libby Finn is about to be reminded, the future is seldom written in stone.

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Image of CaitrĂ­ona LeslieAbout the Author
I grew up in County Westmeath, Ireland. I have a Master's Degree in Biomedical Sciences and I work part-time in the field of solid organ transplantation. I now live on a farm in County Longford with my husband and our three children. I started writing about five years ago with little success, I found the demands of three young children incompatible with the task...I could never get a good run at it! When our youngest child started school in September 2010, I was then able to apply myself. I discovered that the more I wrote, the more I enjoyed it - escapism is a wonderful practise! The story of 'Alice-Rose' evolved naturally over time and changed its course quite dramatically from the one I had in mind initially! Many thanks to all who have bought, or intend to buy, 'Alice-Rose'. I hope you enjoy the story and that it provides a little restorative distraction. Kindest Regards, Caitriona.

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