Saturday, 1 June 2013

Book Spotlight - Vagabond Boy by Joel Everett Harding

Vagabond Boy

This true adventure memoir written in a creative non-fiction style concerns a boy who navigates through an unusual childhood while traveling throughout 1950s America with his restless parents, bumping into reality at every turn. The author's encounters with strange landscapes, curious people, and dubious caretakers dangle confusing lessons he must choose to accept or discard at his peril. The book abounds in humor and boyhood adventure, but chaos also hitches a ride on the family’s wandering path. Eventually that path ends abruptly and he is swept toward an emotional chasm that threatens to swallow and imprison him forever, and to secure his future with a purposeful life he must somehow decipher secrets in a mysterious forbidden pond that beckons him.

Genre: Memoir

About the Author
Joel Everett Harding has professional credentials in a variety of scientific fields, including river geomorphic restoration, bioengineering design, ecosystem ecology and animal and human behavior. He has been a scientist to private industry, federal, state and local governments and nonprofit organizations. When he is not writing and otherwise working he spends his time in the Piedmont with his family photographing and painting the landscape, tending his gardens and koi pond. This is his first published book.

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