Thursday, 24 January 2013

Spotlights - Update to Policy

I am happy to post all books as a spotlight as long as I am comfortable with the cover. Just send me a request and I will reply with what I need before scheduling it for my next available date.

However due to the amount of requests I am receiving for spotlights there are a few things I will no longer be doing for time reasons.

  1. I will no longer chase information. Once I have sent you a reply with a list of things I need it is then up to you. I will not email you again to gain information if you forget unless I have saved a date for you. If this is the case I will notify you a week before the spotlight is due and if I hear nothing then I will give your a date away.
  2. I will not follow links for information. Not only is this very time consuming but I also have no idea which book, info etc you want me to include - this also stands for reviews. I do not do this for myself (I may get a few extra page views but it is mainly for your promotion) so if you want me to run a spotlight the least you can do is not be lazy and send me the required info. 
  3. If you send me an email stating "all info can be found here" I will probably not respond as I do not have the time. If you can't be bothered to attach info or ask me to feature your book I cannot be bothered to google your book.
  4. I will not email authors to spotlight your books. I've had this a few times on forums "I'd love a spotlight email me here..." If you want me to feature your work send me a request as again this is for your benefit not mine. It doesn't bother me whether you feature your book or not so I will not email you until you send me a request either on my sites or directly.
Basically if you can't be bothered to put the time into gathering the information I need I won't spotlight your book as I don't have the time to look for it either.

I know this may sound harsh but it is happening too often and I do not have the time as I am busy writing my own work, reviewing your work and running all the promotional offers on here as well as attending college. This is something I do because I love it and does not always take priority. I will try and reply to all emails as soon as possible but please do not harass me if it take me awhile as I am busy with other things too.

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