Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Love Lust & Pixie Dust - Erica Ridley

Love, Lust & Pixie DustDescription

Daisy le Fey isn't staying a wannabe pixie forever. As soon as she's a licensed Tooth Fairy, she'll finally be on the Nether-Netherland ladder of success. All she has to do in order to trade in her homemade glitter wings for the real deal is complete her first solo assignment. Only that's no sweet child asleep on the pillow. It's a sexy man who refuses to hand over the tooth. Desperate to save her would-be career, she fights for possession. So what if her wand misses and turns the man's assistant into a pumpkin. It could happen to the best of fairies!


Anthropologist Trevor Masterson needs his latest find to save his job from impending budget cuts. But then a blonde bombshell wearing glitter wings sneaks into his tent at midnight, claims to be some sort of magical being, and tries to fly off with his discovery. When Trevor chases after the tooth—and the girl—no amount of science can explain their attraction or the chaos unraveling his carefully laid plans. But there's no such thing as magic... right?

My Opinion

I'm not sure what it is about the  fairy/fae/faerie genre but I think I find it too far fetched and serious so there aren't many books I would read from this genre. However when I received this request it seemed to have a different spin on the genre. For one the cover looked like a light-hearted romance and something that would be a fun read and that is exactly what I found reading this book.

From start to finish this book was a simple, easy to follow read. It was something that I could come home to after a stressful day and relax with. The story was light hearted and enjoyable as it followed Daisy (a not so good fairy) and Trevor (human) in their up and down relationship. I loved the story line and the world Ridley created. It was full of colour, life and happiness which was a nice change and separated it from the other fairy books I've seen. 

The writing was really interesting to read as well. The book was well written and had both funny and sad points which contrasted nicely and left the reader wanting to read on to find out more. As well as that, everything about the book was believable, which isn't something I find often in these types of books. Normally there is at least one thing that I question but not with Ridley's book. Of course, I know Nether-Netherland isn't real but the way Ridley described it engaged the reader and made them believe in the land and paranormal characters. Also the romance in this book was believable, it wasn't constant which I loved and it had it's up and downs which altogether added to the believablity of the novel.

Overall this is a feel good read that is hard to put down. It draws you into the world Ridley has created, moves at a fast pace and you just can't help but read it with a smile on your face. It kind of reminded me of the classic Disney films (with a bit more steamy romance) and I just fell in love with the plot. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves romance books and I am eagerly awaiting the next two books!

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