Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Book Spotlight - Viviana by Georg Freese


Viviana loves her man Bartolomeo, who does not love her as much any more. This tense tale of love and blood takes place in 18th century Venice, where Viviana and Bartolomeo dwell in a mansion with their five brethren; their coven of Vampires. As Bartolomeo's mistress, Viviana presides over the coven, but when a new girl, Nicoletta, joins the family and begins to challenge her, Viviana finds herself fighting both to assert her place and to regain Bartolomeo's love.

Genre: Vampire/Gothic/Romance


Georg FreeseAbout the Author
Georg Freese has lived in Europe, South America and the United States, observing and learning from different cultures and peoples. His narrative is intimate and brazen, compelling readers with dangerous storylines.

History and Fantasy are his main inspirations, though the themes of his works, albeit set in ancient lands or mystic realms, always pertain to human nature and the force of circumstances, honoring the old proverb, "adversity reveals the true character of an individual.

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  1. This book sounds kind of interesting. I love older settings. I followed your blog. Please follow me back at
    Thanks, Sycho Faerie


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