Saturday, 19 January 2013

Book Spotlight - Meet me in the Dark by Lilly M. Love

Meet Me in the Dark (Demons of Dreams Saga, #1)Meet me in the Dark

The beginning. Part I of the Demons of Dreams Saga Did you sleep well last night? Did you dream? Have you met someone in your dream? Whether it was pleasant or not, it was just a dream ... wasn?t it? Are you sure? What if you think you're dreaming, but you?re not? What if suddenly a handsome stranger shows up in your dreams and you fall in love with him? What if you wake up in the morning and your body is covered with scratches that you cannot explain? What if not only you begin to question your mind? They come at night, sneak into your dreams and if they want, also into your life! They are the demons of dreams and no one is safe from them... Did you really just have a dream last night? Leia Walsh is a young woman, successful in her job selling high-priced properties to New York’s wealthy. Against her good judgment she falls in love with a man who appears regularly in her dreams. Leia doesn’t believe that he is a product of her imagination, but is convinced that he exists. She starts to look for him in her daily life, but the game of the demons of dreams can be confusing and Leia soon doubts her sanity until she is invited to a party one day...was it just a dream after all?

Genre: fantasy, romance, paranormal, mystery

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Lilly M. LoveAbout the Author
Lilly M. Love studied languages, assisted a medium helping people to get over the death of relatives for a while and worked in a hypnosis-center in South America, where she currently lives with her family since 2007. Both jobs inspired her to write about dreams, death, suicide, the afterlife and the twilight zone because she believes that there is more in between than we think. 

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