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Book Spotlight ~ The Chronicles of the Dragon Sisters by Peter A. J. Quatrine

The Chronicles of the Dragon Sisters
The Chronicles of the Dragon Sisters (Book 1)


Moving to a new house always seems daunting, particularly when every inch of the house is filled with dragon decor and motifs. Such is the position that 13-year-old Eva Fontens find herself in, when her sister and father move to a bizarre, isolated country house.

Soon strange dreams and odd clues lead Eva and her sister, Jane, to uncover the mystery of the house. As they find the answers to the house's secrets, they are drawn into fantastic and dangerous worlds that will reveal to them their family heritage.


About the Author
Peter A. J. Quatrine is a British-born author. He grew up - and continues to live - in East London.

The road to the written word was not an easy one; as a child, Peter was diagnosed with dyslexia and mild Asperger - school was an uphill battle that, nevertheless, he seemed determined to conquer. Finding ways to adapt to printed language, Peter was soon pilfering the finest of novels from the shelves of his parents and elder sister (even if some of the books were for a university course, and said sister was wondering where her volume of Homer's 'The Iliad' had disappeared to before a seminar!)

Eventually, having traversed the plains of mandatory schooling, Peter himself moved onto the wider world of University. The degree: Games Design and Story Development. The aim: to capitalise on his secondary passion of computer games (you name it - he probably has it!) The place: University of East London's Docklands campus. During this time, Peter was involved in many presentations and talks about special educational needs and the importance of inclusion for such students and adults. It was also around this time that his idea for a story began its permutations in his mind - 'The Chronicles of the Dragon Sisters' was in its making.

After much slogging and sleepless nights, the publishing pathway was in sight...back and forth the script went - additions, subtractions and many a re-working formed the backbone of the first novel. The climate however rendered the story not quite ready for the current market - so instead, plan B was to kick in. As much as the modern world may have its flaws, its technology is endless; and so the digital copy was born.

Peter's debut novel, 'The Chronicles of the Dragon Sisters' has a growing fan-base, and is out now, worldwide, on the Amazon Kindle store.


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