Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Book Spotlight - My Journey to Heaven and Back by Rebecca D. Myers

My Journey to Heaven and BackMy Journey to Heaven and Back 

“My Journey To Heaven And Back” is about a near death experience and a very inspiring love story.
Rebecca’s encounter with death started because of surgery. All seemed fine and going as planned, but
on the second day Rebecca suddenly stopped breathing. Her husband at her bedside immediately went
for help. Staff arrived and “a code” was started. While staff was trying to revive Rebecca with medical
interventions, her husband, Gene, was outside in another area pleading and praying for God’s divine

Gene’s pleas and prayers did not get unnoticed. His love reached into eternity and Rebecca heard his
pleas. Would she decide to return to the love of her life or stay in a peaceful love filled atmosphere she
recognized as “heaven”? Not an easy decision.

Rebecca takes the reader on a journey of her life in which there were other times she eluded death. Her
book was written to inspire those who are afraid to die. Death is a reality that everyone will face. How
we face it is up to us. It is her hope and desire that no one will fear death after reading her descriptive
and inspiring story of her near death experience.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Spiritual


Rebecca D. MyersAbout the Author

Born in New York, New York 1956. Moved to New Orleans, LA 1957. Graduated from St. Joseph Academy 1974. Graduated Mildred June Olister School of Dance 1973 with Teaching Certificate. Adopted by paternal grandmother at age 14. Married and divorced after 10 years. Moved to Slidell, LA. Married Gene, my soul mate 1985. Mother of two. Moved to Milton, FL. Graduated from Pensacola Junior College 1994 L.P.N. Graduated with AS Degree 1996 Registered Nurse.

Worked as a Registered Nurse. Currently enjoying being retired and writing.

Loves to cook, do crafts and write.

Writing second book on survival of abuse. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental and emotional abuse.

Always eager to help someone.

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