Saturday, 18 June 2016

Review ~ Tangled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #2) by Emma Hart

Tangled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #2)
ebook purchased by myself.

Release Date: July 30th 2015

Publisher: Self-published

One date with the sexier-than-sin Detective Drake Nash. Simple.

Until you take into account that my brother finally proposed to his girlfriend, so Nonna is on a warpath—and the crazy old bat has Cupid by the balls.

The upcoming mayoral elections has everyone running on full speed, and while I couldn’t give any less craps about the corrupt Holly Woods mayor’s office, a dead body in the middle of a campaign speech has me thrown right into the middle of it. The victim is close to the mayor, but all he cares about is minimizing the damage to his campaign, so he hires me to work alongside Drake to close the case as quickly as possible.

Bad news for our tentative relationship.

We disagree far more than we agree, but being at loggerheads won’t get this murder solved… Or deal with the arrival of someone from his past.
The mysteries behind the murder aren’t the only things unraveling, and despite being knee-deep in lies and corruption and bonds so tangled they’re almost indecipherable, I have to figure out if I’m willing to fight for Drake the way I do justice…
Or if he’ll be my one who gets away.

My Opinion

I started Tangled Bond immediately after finishing Twisted Bond, making this the second book I've read by this author.

Tangled Bond is a continuation of the story from Twisted Bond. There is a new crime to solve, but the relationship between Drake and Noelle is what carries over. Slowly they grow closer together in this book as they have to work together--and argue a lot--to solve the crime.

While this book was enjoyable and held my interest, I don't feel it was as good as the first. The whole suspense/murder side of things is good. Although I figured out the killer before the characters--because the set up was leading me in a too obvious direction--it kept me interested. The reason I don't think this was as good is because of the romance. I kind of expected things to progress more in this book and it was kind of more of the same from book one. I think the banter between characters is good, but it's just not moving fast enough for my liking.

Overall, it's a good follow up, it was just a little too similar for my liking. I may read book 3 when I clear my latest pile of ARCs but I'm not convinced just yet.


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