Friday, 8 April 2016

Review ~ Heated Match (Coded for Love #1) by Lynne Silver

Heated Match (Coded for Love #1)
eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: April 5th 2016

Publisher: Beyond the Page

The Program: an organization of elite soldiers with superior strength, agility, and intellect. These men are willing to put their lives on the line to execute the government’s most dangerous missions. 

Journalist Loren Stanton wants nothing more than to break a big story that will catapult her career. But the only item that’s caught her eye lately is Adam Blacker, a soldier whose rugged sexiness sets her pulse racing. When rumors surface that he’s part of a classified government program, Loren has every excuse she needs to get as close to him as possible, no matter what it takes.

As team leader of a covert ops group, Adam steers clear of all journalists, but there’s no denying the blazing passion Loren stirs in him. A scorching night together convinces him their connection is more than skin-deep, still, he’s not ready to let down his guard—his genetic enhancements make him an exceptional soldier, but what woman would want to commit to his high-risk life? 

When a dangerous enemy from Adam’s past resurfaces and Loren insists on joining the fight rather than running, he’s forced to face a dark truth. This courageous, loyal woman moves him in ways he never imagined possible. And now that Adam knows she has his back, he also knows that he has to win her heart.

My Opinion

This is a first time read for me for this author. I saw the cover up on NetGalley and since I was looking for a military romance I couldn't resist. Although, what I got was a little different to what I was expecting.

Heated Match introduces us to The Program, which is a base of elite soldiers who have been genetically modified from birth. This wasn't what I was expecting. I assumed it would just be another SEAL-like team. It did worry me a little as I didn't know how far the author would take things and I didn't want it to start merging with a sci-if romance.

Luckily, the men only have a few enhanced abilities such as sharp-shooting, hearing, being able to run faster etc. In all honesty, I'm not sure I bought into this side of things, but the rest of the book was good enough for me to ignore my doubts.

With regards to the romance, there was chemistry. I liked that both characters refused to accept the attraction and fought against it. I just didn't like constant references to the breeding program and being matched. It took some of the fire out of the relationship for me. It felt too clinical in terminology to explain Adam and Loren's attraction to one another.

As for the story, I liked the plot. I thought there was a lot going on to keep my interest, and it was paced well. With a large cast, the author did a good job at giving subtle hints at what's to come in future books and intriguing me with regards to the secondary characters. They all had individual personalities.

Overall, I'll be reading book 2 since I received that through NetGalley too. I'm still on the fence about the concept of GM soldiers, but the writing was good and so was the story.


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