Friday, 1 April 2016

Review ~ Catching Summer (Second Chances, #6) by L.P. Dover

Catching Summer (Second Chances, #6)
eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: April 5th 2016

Publisher: Love Swept (Random House)

Falling for someone can be dangerous, especially when someone wants to take them away from you. But what happens when fighting for the one you love could cost them their life? 

For over two years, Summer Jacobs has tried to get her life back on track. A former nurse and now a prestigious restaurant owner, she’s living the dream just like her husband wanted. After watching him get killed in the MMA ring and almost losing her life herself, it left a scar on her soul. The thought of moving on scares her, but the local NFL star, Evan Townsend, is determined to catch her heart. 

Forced to work with him and the football team, Summer succumbs to his relentless attempts at capturing her heart. He has the power to heal her, but there’s someone out there who wants to keep them apart. Even if it means getting rid of Evan permanently. Summer is being chased by hidden dangers and it’s up to Evan to catch her. The question is . . . will he get to her in time?

My Opinion

I shouldn't be reviewing this book right now since it doesn't release until April. However, I've been having a difficult week and I needed a pick me up. LP's books never fail in that regard so I couldn't resist starting and just like I knew it would, the more I read, the better I started to feel. LP even managed to make me smile.

As you will all probably know, LP is one of my favourite authors right now. I love all of her characters and I was excited to see her return to her Second Chance series. Evan and Summer's story sucked me in so much that I read it in a few hours. It was over much too quickly but I enjoyed every second.

Just like always, LP creates a hot guy you can't help but fall in love with. Evan was sweet and I liked his devotion to Summer from the start. It made a change that he had to persuade her when he was used to ladies falling at his feet.

As for Summer, she was easy to like and feel for. Her story started in Meant For Me and so this book picks up two years after the tragic murder of her husband. I liked how she developed. Although she had a vulnerable side and took a while to let Evan in, she also had a fiery side. It made for amusing reading.

With regards to the plot, it was slightly predictable. However, I really don't care. LP's writing never fails to hold my interest even if I know who's behind everything. I just enjoy watching her relationships unfold.

Overall another great read from this author. I'm hoping Luke gets a book soon as I really want to read his story!


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