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Review ~ Denying Mr. Parks & Addicted to Mr. Parks by Lilly James

Denying Mr. Parks (The Parks Series #1)
ebook downloaded for free via Amazon.

Release Date: August 4th 2015

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Evelyn Banks is her own worst enemy… 

A recovering alcoholic, the key to Evelyn’s continuing sobriety is to remain focused and controlled. She finally has her life on track with a new job at a law firm, but her world is shaken when she meets the firm’s gorgeous, charming, dominant CEO. 

Wade Parks asks for only one thing—to be obeyed… 

Wade’s perfect world is one of discipline and obedience. When he encounters his firm’s new employee, he begins a cat-and-mouse game in his pursuit of the feisty and independent Evelyn, determined to break through her cold demeanor and give her the discipline he’s sure she craves. 

Evelyn is willing to submit to his dominance, but her emotions are another matter… 

Both of Evelyn’s parents were addicts, incapable of giving her the slightest bit of affection, and she’s not equipped to deal with the rush of powerful emotions her relationship with Mr. Parks unleashes. So she turns to the only solace she knows—numbing her feelings with alcohol. 

He sees past Evelyn’s flaws, but some secrets hit too close to home… 

Just as Evelyn’s heart begins to thaw, Mr. Parks is reminded of his own troubled upbringing and he pulls away, leaving her feeling abandoned. 

But another very real danger is lurking, and Evelyn might be very wrong about the source of the threat… 

Can she be saved by denying Mr. Parks? 

Or is submitting to him the only way to save them both?

My Opinion

This was another freebie from Amazon. It was an interesting read and held my interest. I also loved the Britishness. I love finding British authors who stay true to their roots. We need more Brits in the publishing industry not caving to the American way.

I did feel it could have been cut down a bit. The story is long and some of the events are repetitive. The plot was also pretty predictable. Saying that, my irritation at Evey kept me reading. Was she a likeable character? No. However, her pain and coldness intrigued me. I wanted to see her recover and if Wade could get through to her. Although, I had my suspicions about the ending because this is a trilogy.

Overall, I have book 2 as a freebie too so I'll definitely be continuing the trilogy.


Addicted to Mr Parks (The Parks Series #2)Addicted to Mr Parks

An interesting sequel. I do feel the pacing in these books could be better. It's taking too long for things to be revealed and actions/conversations feel repetitive, but they're still okay reads.


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