Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Review ~ The Billionaire Fighter by Katrina Ivory

The Billionaire Fighterebook downloaded via Kindle Unlimited. 

Release Date: February 3rd 2015

Kelsey is a young recent college grad who is yearning to get her foot in the door and start the dream career she had always hoped for. She is stuck at a job she doesn’t like surrounded by people who don’t appreciate her efforts. Her life is dull and nothing like she had imagined it would be by now. 
Fate has a way of colliding into us from angles unseen and when Kelsey runs into Brandon everything changes. 

Brandon is an MMA fighter who became a billionaire before he was thirty. His life is faced paced and too full for him to have a moment to relax and enjoy his life. Kelsey is looking for something more in life and Brandon is seeking for less of what his life now throws at him. 

Will the two of them find a middle ground or are they both fighting a battle that can’t be won?

My Opinion

I downloaded this via Kindle Unlimited because I had a free trial and I love MMA. It was also a short read, which sounded perfect after a busy day.

However, whilst Billionaire Fighter started off well, things soon became pretty unrealistic. I liked how the characters met--it reminded me of a few other books--and I thought it was going to set up some interesting situations. But, the whole novella after that felt really rushed. It seemed like the author tried to fit too many scenes/events into such a small amount of space, and I never really engaged with what was going on. To me, it was like reading a long list of activities being described rather than living them. Things happened, but not in enough detail for me to care.

Similarly it left me disengaged from the characters. I felt their romance was way too quick especially for someone like Brandon; he trusted too easily. He mentioned he had trouble meeting people because of his money, yet he let Kelsey in straight away?? I just didn't buy their story. Maybe if the book was longer and it took place over a few month, but not a few weeks.

Overall, whilst this was a quick, easy read, I don't think it met its full potential. It has the bones to become an I retesting story but, the writing and pacing needs work.


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