Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review ~ Wings Over Poppies (Over #2) by J.A. Derouen

Wings Over Poppies (Over #2)ebook received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: January 24th 2105

Perfection. One word. Three syllables. Every reason why I’ll never have the one thing I truly want. I stand dutifully on the pedestal he’s built, waiting for the day he truly sees me. 

Then one amazing night, he lets down his walls, only to leave me the next day. 

Years have passed, and I’ve tried to move on with my life. But I still dream of him. I still miss him everyday. The memories haunt me. How can I look to the future when my past remains a mystery? The time has come to find the boy who stole my heart and ran away without a word. 

But not everyone who is lost wants to be found. 

My name is Alexandra Fontaine, and this is my story of unfinished love. 

Wings Over Poppies is book #2 in the Over series and can be read as a standalone novel. Warning: This is a new adult romance. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

My Opinion

It was the cover that drew me to this book. When I first saw it revealed I thought it was gorgeous so when I then saw it up on NetGalley I couldn't resist requesting it. There's something about beautiful cover that make me unable to turn away from a book.

However, saying that I did put off reading this book for a while. I tried to start it a few times, yet I couldn't get into it. I think this was down to my mood rather than the writing, but finally I found the time.

Wings Over Poppies is a book with a good concept. I like the overall theme of second chance loves, recovering soldiers, and the messages left by the book. I thought certain elements in these parts were developed well and kept me reading. Similarly, I liked the use of art and letter to express the characters' emotions. Having used both mediums myself I found it a believable form of relief and expression that helped you understand what the characters were going through better.

However, whilst I liked the overall plot, it did all feel a bit rushed. The start was hard to engage with and felt a bit slow, then as soon as I hit the present day everything became a whirlwind. I did feel scenes were too short and abrupt. As well as that the character development felt unrealistically quick--especially West. The trauma he goes through was resolved too quickly! For me romances like this need slow growth and this book just didn't do that. 

Similarly I felt the sex in the book was overdone. I don't think all of the scenes were necessary as they didn't develop much in terms of the relationship. I needed more of a build up emotionally before the characters got to that point. I don't know ... Something about these character just didn't connect with me because of the speed at which everything happened. I was cheering for them to succeed and get their HEA, but I didn't feel for them.

Overall I think this book has potential but for me it needs to be slowed down so I could connect with the characters better. It has some good and relevant themes for the world we live in now and it was likeable, I just don't think it's reached it's full potential. There's a lot more the author could have done and I wanted it to be one of those reads that brought tears to my eyes.


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