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Review ~ Alpha Fighter (The Alpha Fighter #1) by Ava Ashley

Alpha Fighter (The Alpha Fighter, #1)
ebook borrowed via Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Release Date: December 15th 2014

Savannah Santos is on the run, almost out of options and cash. She fled everything she ever knew to follow her career dreams and not endanger anyone by getting too close. But she wasn't expecting her new roommate to be her dream guy.

For Cooper Quin, being any girl's dream man, is nothing new, but he's determined to stay exactly that: a dream. His focus is on killing it in the brutal MMA ring. With a dark past of pain and betrayal, falling in love is the last thing he intends to do. But his sexy new roommate is nothing like one of his usual one-night stands. With her, it feels safe to let his guard down.

Cooper knows a little about running from the past; Savannah's is still looking for her. He can't leave her alone, but pursuing her might be the MMA fighter's undoing. She knows she can't stay forever--not with two outlaw gangs searching everywhere to bring her back.

My Opinion

This book is a mixed bag of emotions for me. On one hand I liked the idea behind it. The story was interesting and a good take on the MMA romance genre. However, on the other hand it was let down by the writing.

Alpha Fighter had a good concept and that's what kept me reading. I wanted to see how Savannah's story would play out and whether her family would catch up with her. The strong female lead who runs away to live her own life isn't a new concept, yet it's still a good one. Savannah did come off as a feisty character that you didn't want to say no to and I liked that about her.

However, to get all of these things you have to use your imagination a lot. For me this book had a lot more telling than showing in it. Things moved on too quickly and there was little time for believable development, not only in the plot but in the romance too. Cooper and Savannah fell into things too easily and too quickly. I didn't engage with them or believe in their emotions because there was a lack of them. Things just happened in this book and it left me disconnected.

As well as this, sections were really repetitive. I found myself rolling myself eyes at Cooper's constant references to his SEAL training. I mean I get it, the book is short and my memory's not that bad. I can remember he was a SEAL with out needing to state it 3 times on a page. It just felt like it was padding at times where there could have been more story to help with development.

Saying that though, I will read the next book. The story has me intrigued enough to bare with the writing, and even if I don't think it's reached its potential, I'm curious.


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