Thursday, 26 February 2015

Review ~ Alpha Fighter - Part Two (The Alpha Fighter #2) by Ava Ashley

Alpha Fighter - Part Two (The Alpha Fighter, #2)ebook borrowed via Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Release Date: December 28th 2014

The series is now complete. Enjoy the final installment of Alpha Fighter. 

Savannah Santos did the one thing most forbidden to her: she fell in love. But just after opening herself up to love and losing her virginity to MMA fighter Cooper Quin, the skeletons in her closet come knocking. Forced to make a difficult decision between life and death, both for herself and her lover, Savannah goes on the run again. But once in love, the heart cannot forget. 

Weeks before the biggest MMA tournament of the year, returning champion Cooper finds himself in a position he never could have anticipated. Not only did he fall in love with a beautiful girl, but now she has left him and, try as he might, he can't get her out of his mind. The title he has worked to defend all year is his to win again if he can let her go, or he could pursue the damaged girl who just might be his one true love. 

Savannah’s past is catching up with her and she knows that she cannot afford to slip up again, even if that means she has to abandon love. Nowhere is safe for Savannah, and following her could cost Cooper much more than a title. Her deadly secrets could cost him his life.

My Opinion

This novella was a good conclusion that was definitely better than the first. I'm not going to day to much because I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but this book was definitely paced better. The action was more prominent, things linked better, and overall the book was more cohesive. Things followed a better timeline and took places over a shorter timespan. Because of this I found myself skimming less and it kept the padding to a minimum.

I will admit that I still found the characters hard to connect with and there could have been more showing than telling, but there was an improvement. Cooper grew on me and there was a small development. He did earn my respect by the end, which was something I didn't think would happen.

Overall this was an interesting couple of books. I am glad I got them free with a trial of Kindle Unlimited, but they did make me curious. The story line was enough to keep me reading so if you don't mind reading between the lines a lot these you may enjoy these.


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