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Review ~ Unravel Me (Catch My Breath #2) by Lynn Montagano

Unravel Me (The Breathless Series, #2)ebook received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: July 17th 2014

Publisher: Harper Impulse

Lia’s meant to be on cloud nine: ever since she and Alastair finally confessed their love for one another, their relationship has never been so good.

Her British-born Adonis is all intent on sweeping her off her feet, showering her with gifts and affection more than worthy of the girlfriend of an international, millionaire businessman!

But their past seems to be intent on dragging the both of them down, and the hushed gossip of a dark secret begins to cause havoc to Lia’s life…

With an ocean separating her from her love, Lia can’t help but wonder if she can ever feel secure with a man who still plays everything so close to his chest, including her.

My Opinion

While I rated the first book in the series 3 stars, it was enjoyable enough for me to want to find out more about Lia and Alastair and give this book a go. I was interested to see where the author would take the story and even though overall I enjoyed this easy read, it has left me with mixed opinions.

I liked the pacing of the book. Everything moved at a quick speed, keeping my interest, but there was also plenty of detail. I like Lynn's style of writing. It has its quirks, and humorous remarks that kept putting a smile on my face while reading it. I especially liked it when it was during Lia's speech. It made her likable and I enjoyed that she was independent. Even though Alastair tried to be the protective male, and at times was a little controlling (not in a bad way), she still kept her own mind, stubbornness and was determined to see things through. I will admit her naivety about her ex irked me a little as it happened a few too many times for me to not question why she didn't just cut him out and why she believed him after his history.

Similarly, I think I liked Alastair. He's a bit cheesy for me, but I think the fact that the author works the fact that he know this into his character helps lessen the cringe factor. However, I still am undecided on how I really feel about him. He's a strange character in that you never really see his true colours as he's very guarded. I'm also not a fan of the constant British references--but that's a major pet peeve of mine. 

As for the plot, it did hold my interest and I did enjoy the book as a whole. I did find the secret a little predictable so I was waiting for things to happen a lot of the time. And I did feel maybe it could have been condensed a little a few times things became repetitive. However, I'm curious to see what is going to happen in the final book and this one held my attention well enough for me to want to complete the series. All I hope is hat there is a bit of a different plot line.

Overall, these books are fun, easy reads. I like the author's style and although it has split my opinion, I did enjoy it.


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