Thursday, 28 August 2014

Review ~ Just to Be With You - The Instructor by J.A. Cooper

Just to Be With You - The Instructorebook downloaded for free from Amazon

Leigh Baker’s finally gotten rid of her mooching, long-term boyfriend. But one is turning out to be a lonely number. 

A new hobby, her good friends, a sexy man…that's what Leigh needs. When Leigh meets Carter Malone, the attraction’s immediate. But as quickly as the romance heats up, it cools off. The thing is, Leigh can't figure out why. 

When Carter pops back into Leigh's life, it turns out he's the new English professor. According to Carter, getting involved with her would bring risks he doesn't need. But something keeps drawing them together. 

And when love comes knocking twice, sometimes all you can do is open the door.

My Opinion

DNF at 27% - I thought I'd give this a chance seeing as it was free on Amazon, and I'm looking for novellas due to time constraints at the moment. However, this didn't hook me. There were too many short, simple sentences that 'told' rather than 'showed' what was going on, and I ended up skimming. Too many sentences started with "I" and it just became repetitive. I can't comment on the story as I didn't get far enough to find out what happens but the writing wasn't engaging enough for me to push through to the end.


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