Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Review ~ Knocked Out by Ty Langston

Knocked Out
eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: August 25th 2014

Publisher: Solo Publishing Co

Fresh out of Grad School, Hayley Monroe gets the chance of a lifetime when her boss gives her the opportunity to produce and host a reality series on finding MMA’s “Next Great Hope”. 

Enter former MMA contender Evan Bates. His sudden re-appearance into the sport after a mysterious five year absence not only raises eyebrows, but also temps both in and out of the Octagon. 

Can Hayley keep everything in check? Or will she be Knocked Out?

My Opinion

This was an okay novella. It was the MMA aspect that caught my eye, and I'm particularly interested in short stories at the moment as I have little time to read. However, I kind of expected more and I felt there was a lot more that could have been done with this story.

The first thing I'll say is that I loved Everly and her relationship with Evan (her dad). I'm not usually a fan of kids in books but she was adorable and full of life. I loved that she was so confident and you could feel her love and admiration for her dad. As well as this I liked the devotion to her that Evan showed back. I found their relationship to be believable and well created.

Similarly, I liked the overall concept of the book. The competition aspect intrigued me as I've not seen it done with MMA before. However, this was where my biggest problem was created. There was hardly any detail about the competition and what happened when Evan joined. One minute he was leaving to start it, and the next he was in the final!! I wanted more detail, more fights and more hardship. I wanted to read about his journey but that's not what I got--I felt things were too easy, and there's a lot of potential for a great full-length novel. As it stands for me, the concept feels too big for a novella, because added to that there is a random sex scene thrown in with no warning. It all felt a bit disjointed because of the length and lacked detail.

Overall, it was a quick easy read and Everly was definitely the best part. I would have loved for it to be longer as I feel there is so much more the author could have done, but it's alright to break up the time.


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