Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Review ~ Ana Be Still (Ana Be Still #1) by R. Holland

Ana Be Still (Ana Be Still, #1)

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Release Date: 27th December 2014

Analisa Still (also known as Analisa Slayter) has just found out who she is, what she is and what she was born to do. To make matters worse, her parents have taken her to a compound for training. When the compound is attacked and the world overrun with vampires (and something else), Ana is forced to team up with the unlikeliest of allies. Thinking her betrothed is dead, Ana soon falls in love with one of her vampire comrades all while vowing to kill the vampires that killed her sister.

My Opinion

This was an easy read that took me a little over an hour to finish. I will admit that I am getting bored of vampire books and that I don't think there are many angles left to make the genre unique. However, R. Holland intrigued me with this read by writing from a Seekers POV. It was slightly different to the usual insta-love romances I've read with vampires and had plenty of action to keep me turning the pages. I will say that I thought it would be a lot worse in terms of language and sex due to the warning but I found it surprisingly tame compared to some books I've read. 

Overall, a good, quick read if you're looking for a short paranormal book that has a lot of action.

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