Thursday, 31 July 2014

Review ~ Struggle (Struggle #1) by P.A. Jones


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Release Date: December 28th 2013

Eva Clark has seen a lot in her 22 years. While running from her bruised past, she meets Nathan Brown...IT guy by day; hot, tattooed kick boxer by night. With his rock solid body, deep male voice, and dark brown eyes, Nathan is both irresistible and impenetrable.

The more Eva tries to get close to Nathan, more he tries to push her away. What secrets is Nathan hiding from Eva? Can true love be resisted?

My Opinion

I really wanted to like this book because it had fighters in it. I love fighter romances but sadly, I had a few problems with Struggle.

The first was that it does need to go through another round of editing. Grammar isn't usually something I comment on as I'm pretty relaxed about it, but there were a few too many errors for me not to as it did affect the flow when reading as I had to pause to figure out what words were meant to be. I also think it could use a content edit as parts were slightly repetitive. Sometimes there were two sentences saying exactly the same thing following each other and other times it was whole scenes repeated due to the switch in first person POV. I think if the author wants to play a scene from both characters view points it would have been better in third so as not to be repetitive.

The second problem I had was that the speech was very stiff and I felt it was unnatural. The constant adding of names and lack of contractions made everything very formal and although I'm not sure of the characters' exact ages, I don't think college students would speak like it.

Saying that though, overall I did find myself enjoying it when I overlooked its faults. For a free download I can't really complain. It's a general romance of girl fall for the bad boy and both have issues from past relationships but I like those stories. It was easy to understand and follow and I did find myself liking the characters. I would have perhaps liked Nathan to be a bit more rugged as he was a little too tame for my liking but in general the progression was all right.

Overall, it was a short easy read that broke up a few hours. It's okay for a freebie but I'm not sure I'll be buying the next one, even if I am curious.


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