Wednesday, 30 July 2014

ARC Review ~ No Rules (An Omega Group Novel) by Starr Ambrose

No Rules (An Omega Group Novel)eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: August 4th 2014

Publisher: Entangled: Edge

Jess Maulier's estranged father was more than the quiet professor of linguistics he appeared to be – she is shocked to discover he was also an operative for a covert group that rescues hostages. Before he died he left Jess a vital clue to a rescue. Unfortunately, it's in the form of a children's story, and she has no idea what it means. Though she resents the close professional and personal relationship the handsome and dangerous Tyler Donovan had with her absentee father, she turns to him for help.

But Tyler doesn't know how to interpret the story, either. An attempt to decipher it takes them to Egypt, where danger ignites sparks between them. Tyler can't get involved, though—Professor Shikovski advised him never to risk emotional attachments—and Jess tempts him more than could ever be safe. No matter how enticing she is, he has to maintain his distance to preserve his focus. But only mutual trust can save them from encroaching danger.

My Opinion

It was the Egyptian setting that caught my eye with this book as well as the military aspect. I love ancient Egypt and anything to do with the culture so I was excited to read this book as I don't see it used very often. For me, the author did a great job with it being worked into the story. She captured the pace and chaotic nature of the country brilliantly, and the historical aspects were interesting to read about also. It was definitely an original setting.

I really enjoyed No Rules. There was plenty going on and I think I prefer freelance organisations with ex-military men rather than actual military guys. Omega was interesting and developed well. I found them a believable organisation and I enjoyed that the book was focused more around them and their job than the romance. The action was brilliant and I found them all to be believable characters who were strong and wholeheartedly believed in what they were doing.

I will admit that I figured everything out (clues and traitor) very early into the book because of my knowledge of the culture and history so the clues were kind of obvious and I was waiting for the characters to figure everything out. However,that didn't stop me enjoying the story. The book was well paced, had plenty of description and kept me interesting the whole way through. 

Overall, No Rules was a great read. I may have liked a little more development in the romance but it still kept me glued to the pages right up until the end. I would definitely recommend.

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