Sunday, 11 May 2014

Review ~ Model Position by Kitsy Clare

Model Positionebook received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: 24th Feb 2014

Publisher: Inkspell publishing

For Sienna, love and art are perilous games. Is she ready to take that gamble?

Sienna is a beautiful, talented artist poised on the precipice of soaring into the glamorous, yet cutthroat Manhattan art scene.

Dave Hightower is a hooked-up, handsome heir to the hippest gallery in NYC, Gallery Hightower.

Erik is the live drawing model with his sizzling green eyes fixed only on Sienna.

Three’s a crowd, so Sienna must make a choice: date Dave and ride the fast track to landing a show at Gallery Hightower and hobnobbing with the art glitterati, or follow her heart and take a chance with Erik, the stunning male model who’s stealing her heart. But Erik has some worrisome secrets, and who in their right mind would make live modeling their career? 

Dare Sienna throw away her chances of hitting it big to follow her heart?

My Opinion

I really struggled to engage with this novella so I'm not going to say too much about it. The overall premise of the story sounded interesting, however having read it now, I think it could have been executed much better. I found the characters really hard to connect with and just didn't like them. For me, Sienna was a user, indecisive and didn't have much depth. Dave was arrogant and Erik was smarmy and so it led for a really hard read as I just wanted to smack all of their heads together. 

As well as this the plot jumps around a lot and so there was not a lot of build up. Due to this I felt some parts were really unrealistic because of the abrupt nature of the narrative. If feel that in a longer book it may have worked as you could have seen the characters grow and relationships develop but in this novella it just didn't. I hate saying this as I normally like romance novellas but I think that the fact there wasn't one character I liked led me to not enjoy this read. I just found it a bit bland and cheesy.

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